Gerald Livingston Archibold Roberts

Gerald Livingston Archibold Roberts

7/31/2012 9:12:04 PM
The area in Nassau known as the hilltop has produced many distinguished Bahamian citizens and outstanding Bahamian Families. The family of the late Enoch Pedro Roberts and his wife Gladys Raine Roberts was one of those families and Gerald Archibald Livingston Roberts was a proud and outstanding Bahamian son.

Born on May 29th 1926; the first born son of Enoch and Gladys, Gerald lived a full life of local and international exposure.

From his early childhood, he showed promise in athletics and academics and was described by his childhood friends as a man with many talents.

Gerald spent his childhood years from birth in his beloved “Pig tail Alley”. He attended primary school, and Western Junior, and Western Senior Schools. Upon completion he went to work at the British Hoffman Company, which was housed on the property at Fort Charlotte; which was eventually purchased by his younger brother Dr. Patrick Roberts, and now serves as the Bahamas Medical Arts Institute.

Early in his adult life Gerald met a “queen” of East Shirley Street, Nathalie Taylor. Her beauty and charm was legendary. After getting married, Gerald and Nathalie, who was affectionately known as Nettie moved to New York in search of a better life. Ironically a family friend moved to the United States around the same time and an everlasting friendship developed. That friend was, Sir Sidney Poitier.

A prominent Bahamian-American businessman, Mr. Roberts was well known for his contribution as a Chief Construction Contractor. He is credited with “making an indelible mark in human development as well as in steel and concrete. Over the last three decades, he has shown the world a thing or two about constructing a society filled with hope along with landmark buildings such as the New York State office building, a project he oversaw from its conception in 1976 and made all the more important to the local community by hiring and training local residents of Harlem as construction workers”. His last place of employment was with the Rockefeller Management Corporation as a Project Manager, with responsibility for supervising and inspecting the Rockefeller Complex in Midtown Manhattan New York, often described as the most expensive piece of real estate on earth”.

Gerald was always proud to be a Bahamian and promoted his country everywhere he traveled. He received numerous awards, including two from the Mayor of New York. He was celebrated by the architectural and construction fraternity in both the United States and in the Bahamas. But nothing pleased him more than to have received the “Bahamian of the Year” award in 1974 by the Bahamian Association in New York. As Chairman of the United Bahamian Community Affairs Advisory Committee, he coordinated Bahamian independence, cultural and civic events in the New York area.

Gerald also served as a Trustee of the North Shore Health System in New York and was on the Vestry of the All Saints Episcopal Church of Great Neck, New York. Mr. Roberts eventually retired with his son Gerry in Florida, where he received special attention and care. His sunset came on Friday July 27th 2012 while in hospital in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He now rests in God’s peace which “surpasses all understanding. “

Left with fond memories are his Son: Gerald Roberts; Daughter-in-law: Dominique Roberts; Granddaughter: Elliotte Roberts; Grandson: Theo Roberts; Sister: Rosamund Williams; Brother: Dr. Patrick D. Roberts; Sisters-in-law: Melvern Roberts, Jacquelyn Roberts and Jodell Roberts, Mildred Taylor and Susannah Kelly; Nieces: Cora Cooper and Family, Rome Italia Johnson, Cathleen Hassan and Family and Gladys Sands and Family, Hollis Sherman and Family, Tanya (Jill) Bain and Family, Anna Maria Roberts and Family, Desiree McCartney and Family, Donna Williams and Family, Denise Gordon and Family, Deanne Gibson and Family, Raine Roberts and Patricia Roberts, Pamela Matthews and Family, Karen Mathews and Family, Peggy Davis and Family, Elizabeth Esposito and Family, Nancy Johnson and Family, Cheryl Algreen and Family, Antoinette Farrington and Family, Angela Romer and Family, Phillipa Armbrister and Family, Eureka Lockhart and Family, Savannah Darville and Family, Treva Smith and Family, Elizabeth Kelly, Anatol Kelly, Donna Kelly and Linda Kelly; Nephews: Neville Wisdom and Family, Keith Wisdom and Family, Evon Wisdom and Family, Oscar N. Johnson, Jr. and Family, Hon. Dr. Daniel M.D. Johnson and Family, Wayne Roberts and Family, Brandon Roberts and E. Pedro Roberts, III and Family, Anthony Armbrister and Family, Peter Kelly and Family, Paul Kelly and Family; Godchildren: Glen Archer and Family and Loretta Parris and Family. Cousins: Leroy Archer and Family, Belle Archer and Family, Effie Archer Family, Family of Oscar Archer, Family of Millard Archer, Family of Oscar Archer (Abaco), Family of Captain Garnet Archer, The Hudson Family, Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Cooke and Family, U.S. Congresswoman Mrs. Fredericka Wilson and Family, The Family of Cynthia Smith, The Family of Valderine Smith, Naomi White and Family, Leroy Minus II and Family, Antoinette (Toni) Adams-Hamlin and Family, Robert Minus and Family, Yvonne Minus and Family and Russell Minus and Family. Other Relatives and Friends: Sir Sidney Poitier and Family, Sheryl Donaldson Morse, Sir Orville Turnquest and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Duke Errol Strachan and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Munnings, Jr. and Family, Mr. Frank Hanna and Family, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bethel, Ms. Gloria Thompson, Cheryl Bridges and Family, Camille Peterkin and Family, Cecelia Madison and Family, the Vanderpool Family, the Whitfield Family, Fr. Mayer and the Church Family of All Saints Episcopal Church in New York,

Special thanks are extended to the Family of Holy Cross Hospital and the Davita Dialysis Centre in Fort Lauderdale, Majorie Stewart and Roy Campbell.

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Posted By: Dr. Marcia Munnings on 8/4/2012 7:55:30 AM
While in our family, we celebrate the homegoing of a very young and unique young lady(Petra, Clarice, "Pedee' Munnings); inspite of this and the fact that we were not aware of "Uncle Gerald's" illness and subsequent passing.We at this time, extend our prayers and support to: Gerald jr and the grandchildren, Dr. Patrick Roberts & Family(Ped III & Anna Maria), The Wisdoms,Johnsons (Italia, Gladys & Hon.Dr.Daniel)for the life and service of this giant of a man!On behalf of the Munnings, Lightbounes, Elliotts,Taylor,Newtons, Pratt Families; May God be with each of you doing this time.Rest in peace "Uncle Gerald".

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