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Andrew Vernal Sweeting

Graveside Service for the late Andrew Vernal Sweeting, aged 57 years, of Treasure Cove, will be held on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, at Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Shirley Street. Officiating will be Rev. Milton Lightbourne assisted by Bro. Percy Sands.
Andrew Sweeting FA

Andrew Vernal Sweeting

Aged 57 years

Graveside Service for the late Andrew Vernal Sweeting, aged 57 years, of Treasure Cove, will be held on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, at Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Shirley Street.  Officiating will be Rev. Milton Lightbourne assisted by Bro. Percy Sands.

Due to current Government regulations in respect of Covid-19, masks and physical distancing are required.  Graveside attendance is limited to thirty (30) persons.

Andrew is preceded in death by his Parents: Everette & Leonie Sweeting.

Left to cherish his Unforgettable Memories are Andrew’s Endless Love & Wife of His Dreams: Shelley Sweeting; Sons: Andrew Jr., Andrey, Andrell, and Andreas Sweeting; Daughter: Krystel Sweeting; Brothers: Everette (Alma), Ricardo (Susan) Sweeting; Sisters: Samantha (Darrel) Hurston, Myra (Dario) Lundy-Mortimer; Father & Mother In-Law: Rev. Preston & Vernita Wallace; Brothers-In-Law: Preston (Sharmie) Wallace, President (Yezennia) Wallace, Prince Wallace; Sisters-In-Law: Prestonia, Abigail & Dr. April Wallace; Uncles: Jefferey Sweeting, Oswald Francis, Carlton Knowles; Aunts: Iona Carey, Norma Williams, Peggy Wright, Althea Sweeting, Patsy Sweeting, Evangelist Delores Moss-Francis, Brendalee Knowles; Nephews: Ashman, Kolin, Yens-Peder Sweeting, Evan Hurston, Eric Napier, Tyrone Fuller; Nieces: Simone, Nina, Britt Sweeting, Daria & Mychael Lundy-Mortimer, Ebony Richey, Prezennia & London Wallace, Aryah Wallace, Kehlani Fuller; God Children: Edrianna Rump, Jasmine & Jayden Munroe, Mya, Zachery & Travis Evans; Adopted Mom: Barbara Pierre; Adopted Daughter: Nadia Storr; Adopted Sisters: Barbara Cartwright, Millie Murphy, Theresa Lewis, Sharon Coleby, Patricia Cleare, Mitzi Turnquest, Kayla Mortimer, Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle, Hon. Leslia Brice, Hon. Jobeth Coleby-Davis, Jennifer Treco, Danielle Gibson, Miranda Evans, Manika & Makia Munroe, Kim Clarke Gibson & Family, Deborah Ingraham & Family, Hendia Hinds, Charmaine Levarity-Kelly; Adopted Bothers: David Knowles, Barry Wilmott, Hon. Myles Laroda, Alex Storr, Ricardo Treco, Elcott Coleby, Paul Bevans, Zendall Stubbs, Dewey Taylor, Herman Rolle, Travis Evans, Monte Brown, John Pinder, Kevin Simmons, Andrew Edwards, Keno Wong, Aarone Sargent, Andrew Burrows, Quinton Lightbourne, Patrick Davis, Tereko Lewis, Tarjah Seymour, Tavares Clarke, Obie Roberts, Thomas Ryan, Drew, Troy, Andrew Aitken & Family; Pet Paws – Diamond, Panda, Sparkles, Stuart-Little & Ginger; Extended Family: Patricia Moss-Borke Martinez & Alexi Borke Martinez), Aubrica (Kermit) Williams, Jerome Moss Jr., Reukeya & Adrian Ferguson, Jerome Moss Sr., Yolanda Neeley,  Deborah & Glen Ferguson, Raquel & Shawn Gilbert, Doris Woodside, Carlton Knowles, Carlon (Melba) Knowles, Georgette, Patreco, Tea-Leoni Culmer, Adrian & Rukeya Ferguson, Rhaine Williams, Erickay Williams, Ayana Knowles, Xavier & Cincere Williams, Asher Culmer, Pandora Palacious, Ericka McIntosh and the entire McIntosh Family, Sherryce Thompson & Family, Tina Gray & Family, Maedawn Munroe & Family, Samantha Anderson, Orlean & Franklyn Ferguson & Family, Hon. Basil & Daphne McIntosh & Family; Numerous Cousins & Relatives: Wayne, Yvette & Shawn Barker, Cherice & Michael Storr, Bronwen & Reno Smith, Arthur & Claudette Seymour, Tanya & Kevin Ingraham, Cornell, Kenneth Jr., Stephen, Constance, Hans, Lesley Rahming  & Family, Chanti, Brigitta, Godfrey & Keith Seymour & Family, Marva Munroe, Dale, Daryl, Sherry Sweeting, Charlene Armbrister, Dianne Saunders, Barbara, Gary, Stuart Sweeting, Kay Bain, Sandra, Sean and Nicole, Wendy Godfrey, Francelia Outten, Keith Hanna & Family, Lisa, Wayde, Wado and Patricia, Eugene Wright, Devon and Blair Sweeting, Minister Shelley & Bishop Beuford Curtis, Raquel, Deborah & Cindy, Jay, Kelda, Leighton, Nadia Sweeting, Monette Smith, Norma Williams, Pedro, Jouette, Melanie, Bridgette, Donna, Larry & Family, Leone, Quinn Tony McCartney, Annischka & John Holmes, Sammy & Kimberly Saunders & Family; Other Relatives & Friends: Rt. Hon PM Philip Brave & Ann Davis, & Family, Hon. I. Chester & Cecilia Cooper & Family, Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin, Hon. Fred Mitchell, Rt. Hon. Perry & Bernadette Christie & Family, Hon Wayne Munroe & Family, Hon. Dr. Michael Darville & Family, Hon. Alfred Sears & Family, Hon. Clay Sweeting, Hon. Minister Wayde Watson, Hon. Ginger Moxey, Valentine Grimes & Family, Donna Smith, Philip McKenzie, Chris Symonette, Wilshire Bethell, Contanza Adderley-Bourne, Minky Isaacs, Jerome Fitzgerald, Dwight Armbrister, Picewell Forbes, Raynard & Sola Rigby, Cyprianna McWeeney & Family, Alphonso Major, Anita Harris, Darren Rodgers, Randy Rolle, Rik Forbes, Sharmie Farrington Austin, Lisandra Taylor, Hazon & Pinder, Lucia & Richard Broughton, Philip & Silvia Andrews, Peter Williams & Family, Elcott & Sharon Coleby, Cynthia Meadows & Family, Valerie Percentie, Reneika Knowles, Jerome & Ivy Knowles, Sean, Aaron, Amos & Avery Gibson, Joel Barnette, Alicia Gibson & Family, Marissa Mason-Smith & Family, Cecile Wallace, Anya & Clearon Taylor & Family, Stephanie Neely & Family, Aniska & Elva Smith, Beryl Wallace & Family, Pastor Lance Wallace & entire Wallace Family, Camille Johnson & Family, Pastor Felicia Archer, Dr. Melissa Hall, Dr. Carlos & Loretta Thomas, Dr. Allick, Dr. Magnus Ekedekee, Dr. Kevin Bowe, Jonathan & Jasmine Cartwright Family, Alison Black & Family, Dellarese Richardson & Family, Alrena Cargill, Renea Holmes & Family, Collymae Ferguson & Family, Nathalie Salvent & Family, Cookie Allens, Carmen Kelman & Family, Altamese & Leslie Isaacs & Family, Gillian Curry, Michael the Tailor, Eda-Mae Wells & Family, Pastor Nathan & Ramona Wells, Genarine Rodgers & Family, Lynden McDonald, Marlon Smith, William Knowles, Cameron Flowers, Kaelan King, Alex Luital, Webirt Sicot, Paul Douglas, Paul Swain, Aliyah Pinder, Devonte Franklyn, Emmanuel Butler, Louis Rolle, Gabriel Moultrie, Anthony Guerrero, Tarantino Burrows, Anja Dillet, Gurth Smith, Andrew Knowles, Chavez Thompson, Basil Armbrister, Debra Neymour, Spence Finlayson, Kingsley Munroe, Belinda Chipman, Royce Huyler & the entire Breakfast Club, Mednet Holdings, Treasure Cove Community, Domino’s East, BLU Water Delivery, Café Channing Noelle, Progressive Liberal Party Leadership Council & Supporting Branches, Chapel on the Hill, Queen’s College Class of 1980; The Entire Staff of BPL (Past & Present) including: Nadia Cartwright, Toniessa Cox, Raquel Culmer, Sheila & Bradley Woods & Family, Nadine Rolle-Woods, Shannon Smith, Deidre Prescott, Katherine Demeritte, Tecoya Johnson, Vanessa Gardiner, Nadeeen Eugene, Keishalyn Moss, Latoya Rutherford, Nicola Major, Anastacia Davis, Alexis Rahming, Wendi Rahming, Dorcia Gabriel, Kyle Wilson & Family, Randy Dorsette, Thelma Neely, Maltese Carey, Tiffany Rolle, Sandra Edgar, Shanino Swann, Georganne Farquharson, Renaldo Fawkes, Petralee Kelly, Dara Clarke, CeCe Balfour, Dionne Suarez, Yvette Gibson, Leslie Issacs, Gloria Moss, Kayla Neely, Andrea Darling-Thompson, Peter Rutherford, Paul Maynard, Marisa Mason-Smith, David Williams; Ebenezer Church Family including: Rev. Milton & Linda Lightbourne, Barry Newbold, Mrs. Newton, Clint Higgs, William & Deanne Cash, Percy Sands, Scharline Bucci, Marsha Cates, Agnes Johnson & Family,Kyson Young, Kimberly Ferguson, Garfield McPhee, Leira Archer, Graham Thoardson, Miralee Rose, Karen Johnson &, Gia Rolle & Family, Debbie Walker & Family, Tim & Betsy Pinder & Family, Deveral Ferguson & Family, the entire Ebenezer Sanctuary Choir & Youth Department, Ebenezer Methodist Church Members, Trustees, Associating Boards & The Conference of the Methodist Churches.

May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Friends may pay their last respects at Sir Lynden Pindling Centre, (Gambier House) PLP Headquarters, Farrington Road on Thursday September 30th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau Street, on Friday October 1st from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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The management and staff of Bethel Brothers Morticians wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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