Asilkia Kanara Brennen

A Private Funeral Service for Asilkia Kanara Brennen, aged 19, of Culbert’s Hill, Winton will be held on Saturday, July 18th, 2020 at Holy Cross Anglican Church, Highbury Park. Officiating will be Rev. Canon Peter Scott, assisted by other members of the Clergy. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens.
Aisilkia Kanara Brennen PAPER

Asilkia Kanara Brennen

August 19th, 2000 - June 23rd, 2020

A Private Funeral Service for Asilkia Kanara Brennen, aged 19, of Culbert’s Hill, Winton will be held on Saturday, July 18th, 2020 at Holy Cross Anglican Church, Highbury Park. Officiating will be Rev. Canon Peter Scott, assisted by other members of the Clergy. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens.

In compliance with current Government regulations, attendance will be limited to close family & friends.

Asilkia Kanara Brennen will forever remain in the hearts of her dear Mother: Karen Nairn-Brennen; Adopted father: Kevin Rolle; Grandparents: Lenford & Leo Nairn (deceased), Joyclyn Nairn (deceased), Emma Pickstock, Eva Hilton, Roselyn Johnson; Brothers: Arlington and Arlekio (twin) Brennen; Sister: Tamara Brennen-Hanna; Adopted Sister: Tamara Fowler; Brother-In-Law: Brady Hanna; Niece: Billie Hanna; Nephews: Braden, Brice & Braxton Hanna; Aunts: Gayle Nairn-Roberts, Rochelle Nairn-Thurston, Melanie Wallace, Judith McPhee, Naomi Williams, Glendina, Camille & Judy Nairn, Debbie Smith, Anastacia Johnson, Francina & Ellamae Brennen, Christine King, Dora Hanna, Rosmary, Shirley & Merlean Cole, Romina King, Rositia Adderley, Rhonda Moncur, Mary Fynes, Laverne Wilson, Penal Woodside (Nicholls Town), Helen Tillach, Vanria Cox, Sheena Rebke, Patrice & Patricia Wilson, Carol Moss & Debbie Armstrong (Freeport); Uncles: Jeffery, Revn’d Fr.Neil, and Ray Nairn, Ricardo Wilson, Neville & Emmerson Brennen, Barone, Rossano, Rocco & Derek Coleby, Randy Wallace, Anthony McPhee, Richard Williams; Godparents: Burke Wright, Alexander Gibson, Alex Bevans of Maryland, Tusie Brown-Hanna, Cyprianna Henfield, Evernette McPhee-Davis, Norma Hutchinson, Janet Sawyer-Mason (deceased); Grand Aunt: Dorothy Coleby, Pemula Coleby, Hazel Coleby, Ruthlyn Nairn, Lois Nairn of Miami Fla., Eleanor Williams of New York; Grand Uncles: Daniel Nairn of Tallahassee Flo, Rico Williams of New York; Cousins: Sharon “Perky” Thompson, Gareth & Garielle Roberts, Elvis Thurston Jr, Itika/Kaylan Antoinette, Angela, Kaylyn Cooper, Jurelle/Marco, Macari, Tae & Tyler, Mullings, Garonique, Ramon, Tristan, Christina, Savannah, Rayandra, Rayven, Raygan, Marvin/Kim, Malik, Tamea, Jeremy/Natonia, Sierra, Bria, Jeremy Jr., Rayne, Skye, Kyle, Kyle jr., Kayden, Karter & Kloe, Donnel, Donnavon, Kerricia, Ashaunte, Jordan, Ashonique, Patreca, Patreco, Kareem, Kareem Jr. Nairn, Anthony Jr., Antoine, Antonique McPhee, Indy & Ayden Burke, Karus, Renardo, Shervin II, Ramado, Vacaro, Gustavus II, Alex, Kavonn, Cordia , Ricardo II, Brentton, Rakeisha, Rakia, Neshann, Bernique, Sidney, Karen Rahming, Edwina Brown, Cherely Kelly, Greg, Loren, Kendrick, Rendall, Dennis, Lennox ESQ., Elcott, Dwight, Carson, Elcesene, Ricky, Wayde, Tony Coleby, Cynteche, Judith, Andrew, Ava, Richard, Charles, Veldia, Vanessa, Algernon Jr., Vincentia, Philecia, Philip, André, Barone Jr., Rosanique, Rosanno II , Clementino, Jenai, Malachi, Aston, Eden, Destinee, Dejanee, Kevin, Sophia, Anethera Coleby, Janet ,Portia, Monique, Kevin Bain, Helen Branford, Angela, Lynette, Lawrence II, Desmond, Stacy, Tova, Indira, Ianthe Coleby, Vivian, Shandrice, Athya Scott, Leonard Jr., Michael, Johnny, Roberta, Cathlean, Devern “Niks” Nairn, Arnold, Jacenta, Marie, Florence, Angela, Mark Nellie, Beverley, Drexter, Hensel of Seattle Washington, Danielita & Malcolm Nairn of Tallassee Fla., Joyce, Laura, Bertha, Beulah, Inez Nairn of Freeport, Carolyn, Susan Nairn of Miami Fla; Bernard, Hughie II, Darold & Vincent Nairn of Miami Fla., Anthony & Kenneth Williams of New York; Other relatives/friends: Majorie & Clifford Johnson, Allan Nairn & family, Carla & Christopher Pratt, Don & Mildred Huyler, James Nairn family of Mangrove Cay Andros, The Evans family, The Coleby family, The McDonald family, The Curry family, The Pickstock family, The Wilson family, Alphonso Smith & the Nicholl’s Town Heritage foundation, Sharelle, Sharene & Sharneice Brown, Mario Wilson, Charmine McKinney, Glen Mackey, Mario Wilson, Marcus McKay, Davonya Mortimer, Tara Rolle, Prince Smith, Charles Bain, Nathalie Nairn, Althea Conally, Clarice Bain, The Kiwanis Club of Fort Montagu & Division 22 of ECC District, The Staff & Management McDonalds Restaurant/Palmdale, The Management & staff Super value food store/Winton, The Management & staff of Signature Styles group of companies, The Management & staff of the Hilton Hotel, Gordon Colebrooke /staff of Water & Sewerage Corporation, The Management & staff of Commonwealth Bank Palmdale, Cannon Peter Scott/Deacon Philip Heild, ACW, ACM, Altar Guild, & The Holy Cross Anglican Church family, The Truth dance Ministry Group, Bahamas Girl Guides, Bahamas Scout Association, Canon Sabastian Campbell/Fr. Addington Turnquest & St. Gregory Anglican church, Canon Mark Fox & The Most Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Fr. Roderick Bain, Fr. Richard Wood, Pastors Dave & Angie Burrows Bahamas Faith Ministry International Family & The Hospital visitation Ministry Prayer team, St. Barnabas Anglican Church, The Anglican church of the Ascension/Freeport, Doctors & Staff Jackson Memorial Hospital/Miami Fla, Doctors & staff Westside regional Hospital Broward County Fl, Dr. Janet Pickstock of Tennessee, Dr Avram Abramowitts & Dr Michael Jacobs of Long Island NY Jewish Hospital, Dr Mac Roscchewkshi, Dr Rahul Lakhotia & Dr Theia Abashidze of the NIH Cancer Center Bethesda Md, Dr Dwayne Curling & staff of the Oncology Clinic Nassau, Dr Gregory Tynes, Dr Kevin Munroe, Dr Edison Thompson, Dr Neshira Rahming, Nurse Novella, Nurse Bridgette Cash, Nurse Shanae Bethel-Sweeting, Nurse Derrikia Curry, Attending Physicians & staff ICU Princess Margaret Hospital.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

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