Avril R. L. Elcock-Major

Graveside Service for the late Avril R. L. Elcock-Major, aged 43 years, of Pear Street, will be held on Saturday, September 11th, 2021, at St. Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street. Officiating will be The Venerable, Arch’d Keith N. Cartwright.
Avril Elcock Major

Avril R. L. Elcock-Major

Aged 43 years

Graveside Service for the late Avril R. L. Elcock-Major, aged 43 years, of Pear Street, will be held on Saturday, September 11th, 2021, at St. Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street. Officiating will be The Venerable, Arch’d Keith N. Cartwright. 

Due to current Government regulations in respect of Covid-19, masks and physical distancing are required.  Graveside attendance is limited to thirty (30) persons.

Left to cherish her memories are her Husband: Randy V. Major; Mother: Verna A. Elcock; “Sisters”: Ian-Marie Darville–Miller (Revd. Eric Miller) and Kendra Samuels; Sisters/Cousins: Ruth Bowe-Darville, Cheryl Bowe-Moss, Melvern Bowe-Seymour of Florida, Carol Dianne (Bradley) Watson, Claudette (Brian) Davis; Brothers/Cousins: Adrian (Theresa) Bowe, Christopher “Shaggy” (Francise) Bowe, Dwight Dorsett, Dwayne and Janet, Dorsett; Cousins: Lorca Bowe, Akiri (Ria) Bowe, Michael Darville, Dr. N’Tari (Yolanda) Darville, Giovanni (Cicely) Darville, Dr. Kristen Darville, Adrian, Xavier, and Hugh Bowe, Mia McIntosh, Christopher (Monique) Bowe, Carol Crystal (Kenyawn) Bowe-Carroll, ObieCheryl Peta Bowe, Ashley, Alicia and Stephen Moss, Dwight Caylen (Joia) Trotman, Jomel Barr, Bradley and Hebron Watson, Dominic Rigby, Blair and Paige Davis, Neville Johnson, Catherine “Cathy” Johnson, Mark Johnson, Nikisha, Tabitha, Sheniel, Antoine, Madrica, Wentworth and Ruth Johnson, Whitfield, Raynell, Ciji, Raquell and Osano Neeley, Anne and Howard Legore of New York, Latoya Pratt of North Carolina, Rabiah and Fayola Elcock of Canada, Alvin Elcock and family of Nigeria, Frank Assim, Sr. Frank, Jr., and Arthur Elcock families of New York, Lucille Belgrave and Esther “Anita” (Tom) Pinder of Maryland; Aunts: Monica Elcock of Barbados and Barbara Elcock of Canada, Julia Burnside, Willamae (Alphonso) Smith, Brenda Samuels, Elaine “Ditty” (Joseph) Patterson of New Jersey, Madge Wynter of Florida, Anne (Tracey) Whitehead of Texas, June Carey; Uncles: Peter M. Bowe, Gregory Major of Virginia, Donald Louis Major, Erskine Gray, Verdant Gray and Roderick Gray of Freeport; In-laws: Lenora and Vernal Major, Kevin (Sandra) Major, Bradley Major, Nadia (Andy) Doyle; Housekeeper: Winsome Saunders; Godchildren: Lamar and Lamia Taylor, Timothy Williams, Malik and Mia Strachan, Kaylee Musgrove, Janaye and Jayna Saunders-Forsythe, Prya, Petra and Peyton Armbrister, Tyler, Walter, Tazmyn and Levi Sawyer, Taneli Hall of Jamaica, Kellen Jervis, Reshado Bethel, Danielle, Diane and Jodi Dorsett, Meghan Bowe, Camry Wilson, Julian Brown, the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of the Benchmark Group of Companies particularly the staff of Alliance Investments Ltd., PureWater Ltd., and Premier Travel; The Directors, Management and Staff of IT Bahamas Ltd, Mangrove Network Company and Liquid Courage; Management and Staff of Alarms Unlimited; Commonwealth Law Advocates; The Tea Party: Torez (Corrie) Hanna, David Briggs, Keenan Johnson, Taran (Agatha) Mackey, Horatio (Ashley) Smith and Ryan Bastian; Cousins: The family of the late Livingston Bostwick; Kermit, Carmen, Julian (Candace) and LeKeisha Bostwick; Janet and Spurgeon Lightbourn, Nakia Williams, Winston, Bernadette and Faith Bunch, Elaine Bunch and Harry and Marcia Bunch and Semaj Bunch; Earl (Shirley) Bostwick; the family of the late Betty Stubbs; Andrea Archer, Esther Derykere, Edward (Sherry) Minnis, Jessica Minnis; the family of the late Leroy Gay; Lilian Gibson, Gladstone Gay, Esther and Carleton Blair, Harris and Carvey Gibson and family, Leroy and Mikhail McLean; the family of the late Olga Rhos, the family of the late Don Jordan, Margo and Gilberto Gongora, Dr. Larry, Dr. Carol, Amanda, Keenan and Melissa Carroll; Yasmin (Gabbie) Enache and Anna Alicia; Nathalie and Dr. Helen Minnis of Scotland; Laurine Zoe Moss, Shona Knowles, Percy Moss and the family of the late Perciss Mackey; Yvonne Adderley and family; J. Henry Bostwick and Dame Janet Bostwick; Erma Colebrooke Thompson of Florida, Ursula and Catherine Coakley, Kyron (Coco) Strachan, Daisy French, Wilfred, Henry and Tyrone Minnis; Carnetta Clarke; Crystal and Darryl Won of New York,  Jackie (Mike) Silva of North Carolina, Anne (Don) Cooke, David and Blaize Johnson, Renee Forsythe-Saunders, Christopher Johnson, China Ferguson, Gloria Gibson, Gary Johnson, Shadrach Johnson, Lilian Johnson-Lightbourne, Brenda Wilkinson, Wilhelmina Carter and Dr. Edward Robinson of Florida, Angela and Sylvester George; Godmothers: Rosemary Hanna and Alexis Smith of Florida; Godbrothers: Farley (Duane) Williams, Franklyn (Gillian) Williams and Dr. Francis, Raquel, Timothy, Danielle, and Emma Williams; Special Friends: Revd. Bernard Been and Mrs. Joanne Been of Barbados, Dwight Dorsett, Dwayne and Janet Dorsett, Revd. J. Kenneth Major of Florida, Shannon Hanna; Jonathan and Yvette, David and Kelli Knowles, Carol-Ann and Caylen Jervis, Michelle Wilson, Nhomsa Gibson, Preston Ferguson, Clarence Cleare, Andrew and Crystal Holder, Cyprian and Mikeiko Collie, Carson and Cara Collie, Patrick and Yashicka Carey, Clementine, Dominic, Frank, Damian and Martin Butler; Nelson Bevans, Samina Castillo, Roston Wallace, Candace Thompson, Shanita Johnson, Ivy Gates, Constance, Dionne and Andre Commery and  Mioshi of Canada; Other Relatives and Friends: Robert Miller, Ahmad Miller of Florida, Aline, Bola and Noah LaBassiere of St. Lucia, Nikolai Battoo of Switzerland, Reverend George Knight, Rosina and Michelle Knight of Barbados, Sandra Knight, Bertel and Barbara Holder of Canada, Hon. Counsul for Barbados, Carleton Jones and Mrs. Gretchen Jones, Carol Creary and family, Miriam Adderley, Christine Adderley, Jackie Sands, Yolanda Fernander, Charles and Valda Hunt, Jaqueline Hunt Farrington, the family of the late Edwin Hunt, Pamela Christie Tabron of North Carolina and Jenna Christie, Sandra Christie and family, Kim and Philip Carey, Paul and Betty Barnett and family, Dr. Emily Osadebay and family, Angela Archer, Elma Campbell, Justice G. Diane Stewart, Anita Roberts, George Darville, Celeste, Donald and Callum Darville, Elsie Strachan, Thea, Patrick and Gianna Paul, Hubert and Roxanne Chipman, Hon. Elsworth and Cathy-Ann Johnson and family, Maurice and Lyn Glinton, Dr. Theodore Ferguson, Leonie Lockhart, Denise Reynolds-Petite, Carl, Damien and Jason Turnquest and Leann Turnquest Forbes, Presley Seymour, Crispin, Kimmie, Kristin, and Cadre Seymour; Michael, Monario, Leslia, Tyler and Trenton Seymour; Natalie Miller of Freeport; Winifred Butler and family, Patricia Thomas, Henry “Von Zipper” Sands, Sonia Thompson and Patrice Francis, Carver Garden Club; Young Women’s Christian Association; St. Agnes Anglican Church –  Primary Choir, Youth Choir, Co-Co-Chair of St. Agnes Fair Committee, St. Ambrose Guild, Communications Committee, David’s Army, Youth Advisor, Christian Education Committee, Discovery Team, Ricardo and Charles (St. Agnes Securities), Patrick Johnson, John Eneas; St. Agnes Anglican Church Women Association; Gaol Alley Reunion; Maurice Minnis Family Reunion; Barry College Room-mates: Kwame LaBassiere of New York, Zamira Ramos of Florida, Nikki Wilson of Trinidad, Ray and Vanessa Vilca of Texas, Dierdre Dumont; Vidya Lackinsingh of Florida, William and Yvonne Wallace, The Bahamas-Barbadian Association; Sans Souci Crime Watch Association; Mr. Adrian White and the St. Anne’s FNM Constituency Association, Bahamas Girl Guides Association; Present and Retired American Embassy Staff; Clergy: Bishop Laish Boyd and Mrs. Joann Boyd, Archbishop Drexel Gomez and Mrs. Carol Gomez, Archdeacon Keith N. Cartwright, Archdeacon Kingsley Knowles and Mrs. Sandra Knowles, Revd. I. Ranfurly Brown and Mrs. Olga Brown, Canon Warren Rolle and Mrs. Thelma Rolle, Revd. James Moultrie and Mrs. Bernadette Moultrie, Revd. Basil Tynes and Mrs. Sonia Tynes, Revd. Denrick Rolle of Florida, Revd. Peter Ferguson, Revd. Ruel Strachan II, Revd. Chitan Thompson, Revd. Desiree Johnson, and Revd. Allison Dean.

May Her Soul Rest in Peace!

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau Street, on Thursday September 9th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Cremation will follow.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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The management and staff of Bethel Brothers Morticians wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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