Basil Nathaniel Ingraham

Funeral Service for the late Basil Nathaniel Ingraham age 60 years of Eneas Avenue will be held on Saturday 30th March, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. at St. Agnes Anglican Church, Baillou Hill Road.

Basil Nathaniel Ingraham

Aged 60 years

Funeral Service for the late Basil Nathaniel Ingraham age 60 years of Eneas Avenue will be held on Saturday 30th March, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. at St. Agnes Anglican Church, Baillou Hill Road Officiating will be Fr. I. Ranfurly Brown assisted by other ministers of the Clergy. Interment will follow in St. Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street.

Left to cherish his fond memories are his His mother: Brenda Ingraham; Sons: Rajiv and Christopher Ingraham; Daughters: Dena B. and Kimoy Ingraham; Grandchild: Rhea Ingraham; Siblings: Kelly and David Knowles, Gaylord and Gina Ingraham, Kingman and Leana Ingraham; Nieces and Nephews: Sascha Hamilton-Miller, Davina, David, and Danielle Knowles, Gaylord Jayden, Nathaniel and Kingman Charles Ingraham; Aunts: Barbara Smith, Gloria Sweeting, Madlyn Oliver, Wendy Kemp, Paulette Davis, Ingrid Bartlett, Elsa Keys, Jean McDowell, Wanda Ingraham, Maxine Adderley, Elizabeth Sweeting, Pauline, Tanya and Harriet Davis; Uncles: Eldridge 1, Ancil, Dale and Larry Davis, Rev. Felton Rolle, Joseph Sweeting, Darryl Bartlett, Leon Hutchison; Cousins: Tracey Clarke and family, Richard Smith and family, Monique and Kendal Major and family, Jermaine and Dale Davis and family, Barry, Eldridge II, Perry, Deborah, Mark Davis and family, Kino Davis and family, Jamieson, Anzelleno, Ancilleno, and Boviar Davis and family, Chidi and Chima Madu and family, the family of the late Caroline Azikwe, Hazel Scott and family, Alan and Sharece Sweeting and family, Suzette Avina and family, Jayson and Charissa Sweeting and family, Tamara Lightbourne and family, Denise and Casius George and family, Luish Curry, Marichel Davis and family, Gillian and family, Julia Moss and family, Youwonka Kemp and family, Sironte Kemp and family, Lauren, Katherine and Larry Davis, Darryn Bartlett, Tonya and Nate Askew and family, Mark McDowell and family, Edward McDowell, Chanda and Kendal Reed and family, Kirk Ingraham and family, Linda Symonette and family, Katherine and Kelvin Leach and family, Hope Strachan and family, Erica Ingraham and family, Sabrina Ingraham and family, Maria Butler and family, Nicolasena, Lamar, Larry, Lauren, and Katherine Davis, Cypriana Greenwich-Grahm, Charles Greenwich, Paulette Adderley and family, Lyvette McFall and family, Kara Prawl and family, Teresa and Patrick McMullen, the family of the late Miles Yallop, Marcus Mason and family, Novalette Cambridge, Derk and Diedre Ingraham and families and a host of other relatives and friends including but not limited to: Pamela Douglas, Gus Roberts and family, Whitney Sands, Gilbert Williams, Derek Bowleg, Derek Sweeting, Eulie Lefluer-godmother, Joy Sargent, Evelyn Pratt and family, Marie Sumner and Family, Naomi Brown, the late Maculisha Beach and family, the families of the late Mizpah Lightbourne, The Family of Donald and Ancel Knowles, Clara Evans and family, Clara Gibson and family, ElizabethSweeting and family, the late E. P. Roberts family, the McCartney family, Pearline Johnson and family, Addison Francis and family, Dr. Vincent Philip M.D. and family, The Minus family, Kathleen Carey and family, Sheryl Sands and family, Arthur Pete and family, Helen Spence and family, Mizpah Robinson and family, Brenda Saunders and family, Magnol Walker and family, Joseph Roberts and family, Moses Deveaux and family, Tsega Thompson and family, Charell Deveaux and Lateva Kemp And Family, Wildine Destinas and Christine Cartwright Michele Thompson and family, Veronica Dunconson and family, Sands and Campbell family, the Aranha family, the Bowe family, Cannon Warren Rolle and family, members of The Government High School, Class of ‘74 and ‘75, members of the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA), members of the Special Olympics, the Just Us Group, the Pilot Club of Nassau, Rev. Cecil Newbold, the church family at Wesley Methodist Church MCCA including the Usher board, Thelma Gibson’s Women Group, Rev. Carl Campbell and family, Bishop Theophilus Rolle and family, Rev’d. Dr. Levingston Malcom and family, Rev’d Emily Demeritte and family, Rev’d Kelly Jolly and family, the Chase family, Katrina Cartwright and family, the Charlow family, Barbara Bethel and family, Bernard Evans and family. the Dean family, Lorna Dixon and family, Eric Miller, the Moss family, the Bowe family, Rose and Clarice Hanna, Tonya and Ian and family, Tracey Symonette, Rose Thompson, the Bahama s air family, Pauline North, the St. Agnes chapel family. We apologies for any names we have failed to mention. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Special thanks to: Dr. Williamson Chea, Duvaughn Curling, Doctor’s Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital Private Surgical Ward, Dr. Cindy Dorsett, St. Agnes Church family and the Rev’d. Fr. I Ranfurly Brown.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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