Courtney Vernon Strachan Jr.

A Private Graveside Service for the late Courtney Vernon Strachan Jr., aged 66 years, of Marlin Dr., Highland Park, will be held on Friday, November 13th, 2020 at St. Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street. Officiating will be Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, assisted by other members of the Clergy.
Courtney Strachan

Courtney Vernon Strachan Jr.

Aged 66 years

A Private Graveside Service for the late Courtney Vernon Strachan Jr., aged 66 years, of Marlin Dr., Highland Park, will be held on Friday, November 13th, 2020 at St. Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street. Officiating will be Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, assisted by other members of the Clergy.

Due to current Government regulations in respect of Covid-19, attendance is limited to ten (10) persons.

Courtney was predeceased by His Wife: Marilyn (Mel) Strachan and his Parents: Courtney V. Sr. and Sybil Strachan.

Left to cherish his memories are Daughters: Da’Shanda and Desiree Pinder-Strachan and Dr. Josephine Bartlett; Grandson: Charlie Bartlett; Godchildren: too numerous to mention; Sisters: Kyron, Michaella and Zandra Strachan and Flora (Ricardo) Moss; Adopted Sister: AlveraJohnson; Adopted Brother:  Anthony U. Bostwick; Nephew: Kvon Strachan; Aunts: Ursula, Catherine and Joan Coakley, Sis. Agatha Hunt, Rosemarie and Virgil Hunt, Eula (Patrick) Edwards and Erma Thompson (USA); Uncles: Arthur Chase, Ormond Burnside, Perry (GiGi) Strachan and Anthony (Carol) Strachan; In-Laws: Rodney (Grace) Lightbourne, Jennie (Lowell) Fernander, Judith Blair, Ishmael (Sharlene) Lightbourne, Erica (Michael) Reckley, Jeffrey Lightbourne, Carolyn (Allan) Wright; Special Friends: Henry (Gina) Dean, T. Craig (Candice) Gomez and Family, Andy Gomez, Nathaniel (Lelia) Adderley, Marco (Cleo) Rolle,  Don (Sue) Demeritte, Whitney (Beverley) Rolle and Family (USA), Dereck Dean, Denaro Knowles, Clement (Camille) King, Gerald (Barbara) Sawyer, Sis. Sandra Moncur, Paula Balfe, Mrs. Bloneva & Paul Darville, Mary Rodland, Ida Moxey, and Patricia Hermanns and Families, Juanita Carey, Deanne Dean, Veronica and Rudolph Cooper, Patricia Mitchell, Eleanor Concliffe, Dr. Elizabeth Darville, Marquetta Collie, George Sands, Rosemary Hanna, Vivian Lockhart, Julia Burnside, Shelley Finlayson, Rosie Foulkes, The Rahming’s of Virginia Street, Denise Carew and Deacon Allison Dean; Cousins:  Charles & Charlene Sealy,Claude (Melony), Gary (Rochelle),  Brian (Wende) and Dawn Hanna, Phillip (Lathera) Coakley, Carolyn (Stanley) Bowe, Cheryl (Roger) Hurst, Steven Coakley, Julian (Elizabeth), Stuart (Thelia) Coakley, Shavon Ramsey, Maria Ferguson, Denise (Steffano) Strachan, Deborah Pinder, Allison Burnside and Carla (Huel) Dames, Ronald Coakley, Kim, Stephanie (Jeffery) Thomas,  Sammaria, Stacci and Rhawli (Liz) Coakley, Perez (Gina), Gerrard (Adina), Carlos, Leesa, Tiffany and Alexia Coakley and Chia (Damian) Gibbs,  Apryll (DuWaine) Edwards, Jillian (Deyvon) Jones and Athena (Kenwood) Pratt, Felix (Tracey) Coakley and Francis (Racquel) Bowe, Anthony Bostwick and Rhonda (Charles) Johnson (USA), Winslow, Clement, Edmund, Faye, Jessica and Gabrielle (Alpachino) Cooper,   Veronica (Tracy) Taylor, Vincent (Degra) and Stanford (Wendy) Williams,  Winifred Hunt, Lorie (Cyril) Williams, Ricardo (Ann) Hunt, Jacintha (Paul) Turnquest, Janice Hunt, Janis (Derek) Lynch, Curtis Nairn and Deborah Johnson, Alfred (Rose) Laing, Kimberley (Lawrence) Daniels, Kesna, Martin, Jr, and Javan Hunt, Anastasia (Edward) Burrows and Tanya Storr; Numerous Nieces and Nephews: Desiree (Wheatly) Wilson, Rodney Lightbourne, Marlene (Donald) Edwards, Allister (Charmaine) Fernander, Tieschka (Edward) Archer, Junann (Theodore) Lewis, Jennifer (Maurice) Edwards, Kayus Fernander, Lowell (Candace) Fernander, Steve, Julian (Antoinette), Marvin, Timothy, Paul, Peter Blair, Jamal, Jasmine, Jayson (Erica), Janelle Lightbourne, Michael (Aliya), Michelle, Johann (Monica), Anthony, Erica-Antoinette Reckley, Ternia, Averia, Davina Wright, Litisha, Latina, Corey, Stacy, Ira, Donanvan, Sophia, Shavonne, Dennis, Delano, Marissa, Candace, Jennifer-Ann and Desiree Lightbourne, Many Grand, Great-Grand and Great-Great Grand Nieces and Nephews. Strachan Relatives: includes the Families of the Late Bestel Strachan, Milo Strachan, Anslo Strachan, Lease Strachan, Dudley Strachan, Tracey Strachan, Jane Bethel and Milo B. Butler, Edris & Gwen Reid, Edmond (Gloria) Strachan, Mary (Rev. Joseph) Mycklewhyte; Coakley Relatives: include the Families of the late Granville Coakley, Nathan Coakley, Zenobie Cargill, Flora Pinder, Durlene Wilmott and Victoria Taylor of Calabash Bay (Coakley) Town, Andros, The Families of the late Sidney, Stephen, James, Ronald, David, Richard, Joseph, Jack and Lovely Johnson-Wilkinson of Fresh Creek, Andros, The Families of the Minnis, Boyds, Brennens, Rileys, Woodsides and Thompsons of Calabash Bay, Andros, and The Coakley Family (Lewis St.); Other Relatives and Friends inclusive of but not limited to: St. Agnes ACM, St. Agnes ACW, St. Agnes Christian Formation & Evangelism Ministry, St. Agnes Parish Vestry, St Agnes Church Family, St. Agnes Wednesday Bible Study Group, St. Agnes (Tuesday) Social Outreach Ministry, The ACM  Diocesan Council, The Bahamas Anglican Cursillo Ministry, Bishop Laish (Joann) Boyd, Arch-Bishop Drexel (Carol) Gomez, Bishop Gilbert (Olga) Thompson, Arch-Deacon Keith Cartwright, Canon Warren (Thelma) Rolle, Reverend James (Bernadette) Moultrie and their families, Rev. Fr. Roderick Bain & Family, the entire Anglican Church Diocesan Clergy of The Bahamas and Turks and Caico Islands,  Sisters of St. Martin’s Convent, Friday Night Group & their Families, Tuesday Lunch Bunch Members, Chippingham Family, King Street Family, Marlin Drive Family, Pros Sporting Club, Grand Lodge of Scotland, St. Michael Lodge Chapter, Pixi Chapter of Omega Phi Psi, Kiwanis (A&M) Br., St. John College Alumni, Family of Sybil Strachan Primary School, Dr. Cyprican Strachan, Dr. Beverton Moxey  and Doctors & Nurses Accident & Emergency PMH, Faithful Gardiner:  Rocheny, Claudis Blanc and Housekeepers: Agatha Sewell and Rosie.


May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau St. on Thursday November 12th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

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