Donald Emmerson Knowles

Funeral Service for the late Donald Emerson Knowles MBE, aged 87 years, of St. Paul’s Street, Chippingham, will be held on Sunday October 6th 2019 at 1:00 p.m. at Hill View Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Donald Emmerson Knowles

Aged 87 years

Funeral Service for the late Donald Emerson Knowles MBE, aged 87 years, of St. Paul’s Street, Chippingham, will be held on Sunday October 6th 2019 at 1:00 p.m. at Hill View Seventh Day Adventist Church. Officiating will be Pastor Danhugh Gordon, Pastor Leonardo Rahming, Pastor Dr. Michael Toote and Pastor Kenny Deveaux assisted by other ministers of the Gospel. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

Left to cherish his fond memories are his Wife: Miriam Ancel Knowles Sons: David, Howard, Donald, Charles Knowles & Christopher Hanna Daughters: Clarissa Hanna, Kelly Knowles, & Ruthie Knowles Sister: Clara Shirley Smith Sisters in Law: Ethel Knowles, Mary Collie, & Laurencene McSweeney; Brother in Law: His Excellency, The Most Hounorable Cornelius A. Smith – Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; Grandchildren: Travis, Davina, Tristan, David, Danielle, Tramayne, William, Trevin, & Ciera Knowles; Chandra & Christopher Hanna; Nieces & nephews: Wren Knowles & family; the late Roy Knowles & family; Willie Knowles & family; Florine Knowles & family, Elder Roylston & Mae Knowles & family; Clara & Ivan McPhee & family; the late Lillian Eloise & Rev. Lennard Miller & family; Clarissa Patricia (Rev. Wade) Seymour, William Roosevelt Fox, the late Arnell Alice (Alvin) Green & family; Beth Fox-Carey & family, Ricardo Anton Russell & Lillian Antoinette Russell; Loleita & Alvy Penn & family; Loretta & Kermit Mackey & family; Barbara Jerina & Alvin Albury & family; Jenetta & Wayde Butler & family; Cleveland Knowles & family; William & Betty Knowles & family; Anderson Knowles & family; Freddy Knowles & family; Talmadge & Violet Knowles & family; Paul & Mary Knowles & family; Glenn & Jasmine Knowles & family; Jessie Louise & Rev. Alonzo Hinsey & family; Joan Carey & family; the late Barbara Marsha Carey-Neilly & family; Rev. Donald & Pamela Carey & family; Brian D. Carey & family; Clayton & Charlene Smith & family; Cornelia Smith & family; Cornelius Alvin Smith, Jr. & family. Lisa Culmer & family, Denise Williams; Kevin McSweeney, Kieran McSweeney & family; Kristian McSweeney; Blanche, Franklyn, Christopher Williams; Carlos Williams & family; Stanley Williams Jr. & family; Carl Williams & family; Thaddeus Williams & family; Kenneth Williams & family; Michael Williams & family; Mervin Williams & family; Elease Jenkins & family; Erica Williams & family; G. Monty Williams, Kendall Williams & family; Danya Williams & family; Renauld Williams & family; Desmond Williams & family; Shirley Williams & family; Keith Collie & family; Joey Collie & family; Brenda Williams, Carolyn Davis & family; Dr. Bruce Williams & family; Dr. Timothy Williams & family; Louise Simozme & family, Josephine Williams, Alexander Williams & family; Cousins: Hilda Allen & family; James Carey & family; Rodney Williams & family; Wilfred Major & family, James Major & family; Samuel Carey & family; John Carey & family, Alice Hunt & family; Henry Carey & family; Albert Carey & family; Carolyn Carey & family, Leon Knowles & family; Kathleen Minnis & family, Barbara Kemp & family, Betty, Sonia, Florence Carey, Doral Carey, Annette Culmer & family; Rev. Kenris Carey & family; Carey, Allen & McCartney families of New Providence & Eleuthera; Other family members & friends including: Shemique Knowles; Adelphine Rolle & family; Agnes Williams; Shanni & family; Frances Utilla, Shantell Brown, St. Agnes Pastoral Care Team; Latteva & Daniele Kemp, Charell & family, Tsega Thompson & Jodi Greene; Wildene Destinas, Fernley Palmer & family, Edward Taylor, The Pinder Family; Cleola Hamilton & family; Terry Lunn & family; Daylin Williams & family; Laura Bartlett & family; Rev. Carl Campbell & family, Jennifer Chrissy Cartwright, Colyn Major, Beverly Smith & family, the Turner Family, the Carey family, the Ingraham family, the Davis family, family of the late Ralph Carey, Thelma Hanna & family; Lindsay Thompson & family; Anthony McKinney, Sascha Hamilton Miller & Veronica Duncanson, members & pastors of Johnon Park, Hillview, Bethany & Centerville SDA Church families, Dr. John Carter, Dr. Robyn Roberts, the Polhemus drugstore family, the Shield Insurance family, the Pro Photo family.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

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