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Dr. Nicholas Llewellyn Hepburn

The management and staff of Bethel Brothers Morticians expresses our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.
Dr. Nicholas Hepburn

Dr. Nicholas Llewellyn Hepburn

Aged 73 years

Dr. Nicholas Llewellyn Hepburn aged 73 years, of West Bay Street, died at his residence on Sunday, November 21st, 2021.

Left to cherish his memories are his Children: Jason Llewellyn Hepburn, Nicola Celeste Hepburn-Nelson, PhD., Roderick Ian Hepburn, Dr. Delton Farquharson; Grandchildren: Jolee Hepburn, Joseph Hepburn, Morris Nelson, River Hepburn, Diallo Farquharson; Brothers: Faisal Hepburn, Kendal Hepburn, Linden Hepburn, Gary Hepburn; Sisters: Rosemary Barrett, Charise Hepburn, Collonna Hepburn-Wallace, Dr. Linda Hepburn-Virgill; Daughters-in-law: Dr. Jayde Moxey-Hepburn, Tavette Hepburn, Bernadette Farquharson; Son-in-law: Oliver Nelson; Sisters-in-law: Nor’hayati Hepburn, Daphne Hepburn, Melanie Hepburn; Brother-in-law: Kurth Wallace; Nieces: Nor’adila Hepburn, Bahiyyah Hepburn, Dr. Madihah Kerg, Amaaini Hepburn, Suhayla Hepburn, Vivette Hepburn, Rupina Barrett, Lyndell Hepburn; Nephews: Vernon Hepburn, Lynden Hepburn, Quinton Hepburn, Roimon Hepburn, Cameron Wallace; Grandnieces: Ciarra Hepburn, Brooklyn Brown, Ashley Hepburn, Aysha Hepburn, Aston Hepburn, Ayana Knowles; Grandnephew: Amahri Knowles; Aunt: Eulalie Johnson; Other relatives and friends including: Dorothy Morris-Hepburn, The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis, Justice Ruth Bowe-Darville, Dr. James Iferenta (Renae), Dr. Richard Knowles, Khristine Wring SRN, SCM, CCRN, Janet Walkine, Joan Lockhart-Culmer, Harry Lockhart, Brad Lightbourne, Rupert Allen, Scotty Smith, Cecil Ferguson, Sonia Cox-Hamilton, Willamina Joffre, Judy Lewis, Dennis Barnes, Lynn Culmer, Derek Culmer, Sanda Collie, Dexter Whymms, Anthony Allen & Family, Cynthia Bain and family, Alva Coakley & Family, Harold Stuart and Family, Barbara Knowles and the Bethel Family, the McPhee Family, the Albury Family, the Campbell family, the Darville Family, the Johnson Family, the Government High School Class of 1965 and many others; Bahamas Surgical Associates Center: Dr. Srikanth Garikaparthi (Kavita Garikaparthi), Dr. David Barnett, Dr. Omala Ablack, Dr. Juana Rodgers, Dr. Frederick Smith, Dr. Monique Mitchell, Dr. Sibyl Surage, Dr. Charles Lucas, Una Reckley (Unicka Edwards), Laverne Charlow, Jaquay Saunders, Sandra Clarke, Michael Bowleg, Alicia Knowles, Patricia Smith; Colleagues: Dr. Hubert Minnis, Dr. Percival McNeil, Dr. Winston Campbell, Dr. Herbert Orlander, Dr. Harold Munnings, Dr. Nelson Clarke, Dr. Ronald Knowles, Dr. Perry Gomez, Dr. Patrick Whitfield, Dr. Julian Stewart, Dr. Robin Roberts, Dr. Elizabeth Darville, Dr. Duane Sands, Dr. Loxsley Munroe, Dr. Robert Ramsingh, Dr. Adrian Sawyer, Dr. Glen Beneby, Dr. Geoffery Pennerman, Dr. Raleigh Butler, Dr. Theodore Ferguson, Dr. Conville Brown, Dr. Charles Diggiss, Dr. Paul Roberts, Dr. Jean McDonald, Dr. Homer Bloomfield, and Dr. Magnus Ekedede. 

May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Cremation will take place.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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The management and staff of Bethel Brothers Morticians wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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