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Dr. Timothy Edward Augustus Barrett

Funeral Service for the Late Dr. Timothy Edward Augustus Barrett aged 74, of Tower Estates Drive, Sans Souci, will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday 11th February 2023 at the William M. Johnson Auditorium (Church of God Auditorium), Joe Farrington Road. Officiating will be The Rt. Rev’d. Laish Boyd Sr. assisted by other ministers of the gospel. A Private interment will follow.
Dr. Timothy Edward A. Barrett 2

Dr. Timothy Edward Augustus Barrett

Aged 74 years

Funeral Service for the Late Dr. Timothy Edward Augustus Barrett aged 74, of Tower Estates Drive, Sans Souci, will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday 11th February 2023 at the William M. Johnson Auditorium (Church of God Auditorium), Joe Farrington Road.  Officiating will be The Rt. Rev’d. Laish Boyd Sr. assisted by other ministers of the gospel.  A private interment will follow.

Dearly Departed: Hilda G. Barrett (nee Donaldson) and Richard S. Barrett (Parents); Juliette Barrett (Sister), Brockholst Barrett (Brother), Charles Donaldson, Denis Donaldson, and T. Baswell Donaldson (Uncles).

He is survived by his Wife: Samantha Barrett; Daughter: Joelle Barrett; Sons: Timothy Jr., Marc and Torriano Barrett; Daughter-in-law: Sonja Barrett; Father-in-law: Clifford Adderley; Grandchildren: Timothy A. Barrett, Delano and Dylan Hollingshead, Naiah-Cemone, and Soleil Barrett; Sister: D’Anne Barrett; Sister-in-law: Michelle Adderley; Brothers-in-law: Chief Superintendent Stephen and Ryan Adderley; Nephew: Greg Barrett; Niece: Felicity Humblestone; Grand Niece: Noa Goudie; Aunts: Verna Neilly, Carol and Yolande Donaldson, Dr. Ada Thompson, Donna Towns, Anita Wheeler, and Marsha Stewart; Uncles: Luther Donaldson, Dr. Davidson Hepburn; Cousins: Stephanie, Rodney, Sydney and Savannah Harmon, Carrington Donaldson, Wesley Donaldson, Demetrius Donaldson, D. Wesley Donaldson II, Baswell Donaldson, Charles Donaldson Jr., Kim Donaldson, Lisa McCalla, Harrison Neilly, Vernon Neilly, Deborah and Paul Lambert, David Donaldson, Kevin Donaldson, Tatiana Donaldson, Brett Donaldson, D. Scott, and Denise Hepburn. Therez Roberts, Ariel Stuart, Ericka Collins, Gregory Starkes, Theo Roberts, Elliotte Roberts, Kaitlyn Friedman, Justin Friedman, Logan Bee, Matthew Polichemi, Isabella Polichemi, Baswell Donaldson Jr., Krystal Donaldson, Brianna Donaldson, Nikia Donaldson, Dominique Bush, Desiree Bush, D’Anthony Donaldson, Ashton Donaldson, Demi Donaldson, Demetrius Donaldson Jr., Dajanae Missick, Damia Donaldson, Derron Donaldson, Samia Donaldson, Danquelle Donaldson, Elizabeth Donaldson, Candace Neilly, Keith Neilly, Vernon Neilly II, Pierre Neilly, Telisha Neilly, Randy Holmes, Khalif Neilly, Ashley Lambert, Alexander Lambert; Other Family: Barbara Thompson, Amber Ferguson, Krychelle Adderley, Charnique Andrews, Brian Goudie, Lasean Farquharson, Katie Barrett, Myles Barrett, Valeria  Barrett Henry, Autria Newbold,  Ellwood Donaldson, and family, Stanley Wilson, Lorrinda Donaldson, Shekina Donaldson, Rose Neilly, Pricilla Neilly, Lynn Donaldson, Paula, Dougald, Damien and Paul Small, Oswald Flowers, Isaiah Harrison, Alex Harrison, Larry O’Meally and family, Kaye Barrett, Elsa Barrett, Pastor Vernika and Bishop Shawn McKenzie, Vera, Alice and Ephriam Bullard, Grace Rolle, Nicole Adderley, The Bullard family, The Adderley Family, The McWeeney family, The Burnside family, The Cox family; Other Friends: Jimmy and Paige Campbell and family, Dr. Anthony and Ella Davis and family, Dr. Livingston Marshall, Trevor and Jan Bridgewater and Family, Trevonya and Alex Prabhu, Marcheta Eneas and Family, Charles and Rochelle Sealy, Terry Burrell, Dr. Robin Roberts and family, Dr. Richard Ishmael and family, Dr. Elizabeth Darville, Dr. Tyrone McKenzie, Jeffrey and Natasha Henderson and family, Blanche Cuffy, Elvis and Gwen Davis, Bishop Laish Z. and Joanna Boyd and Family, Prime Minister Hon. Philip Brave and Ann Marie Davis, Father Stephen and Italia Davies, Dr. Rodney and Dr. Christina Smith, Reagan Marshall, Dr. Charles Diggis, Glenda McKenzie, Bernice Jorillien, Kendal and Rev. Emily Demeritte, Nurse Jennifer Munnings, Nurse Wallace, Dr. Harold and Moneira Munnings, Archbishop Patrick Pinder, Dr. Michael N’tari and Yolanda Darville, Dr. Beverton and Rosel Moxey, Dr. Eugene Marcus and Kathleen Cooper, Philip and Sharlamae Stubbs, Lamon and Kristy Stubbs, Dr. Barry and Missy Russell, Dr. Don Deveaux and family, Brian and Ellen Serville, Selwyn McKenzie Jr., Chevette Ellis, Lowell Mortimer, Felicity Johnson and the Johnson family, Dr. Agreta & James Carey, Dr. Johnny and Patty Rodgers and the Rodgers family, Mrs. Sandra Dean Patterson, Brian Humblestone, Dr. Duvaughn Curling, Dr. Theodore Turquest, Frank and Sharlyn Smith, Sir Franklyn and Lady Sharon Wilson, Keith Parker and family, Philip and Tonya Galanis, Mr. Campbell and Sharon Cleare and family, Dr. Ronnie and Gwen Knowles and family, Mrs. Arlene Nash Ferguson and the Nash family, Mr. Bones and Claire Hepburn and family, Gayle Lockhart-Charles, Mr. Brian and Ellen Serville and family, Mr. Mickey Williams and the Williams family, The Bartlette family, Rev. Angela and Archdeacon James Palacious, Valentine and Thelma Grimes and family, The Turnquest family, The Maynard family, Rev. Dr. Ivan Ford Butler and Dr. Joanna Butler and Kemp Road Ministries, Dr. Eneia Theophilus, Dr. Ricardo and Monique Crawford, Gloria Crawford, Sir Arthur and Lady Joan Foulkes, H.E. Sidney and Mavis Collie, Alpheus Finlayson, James H. Smith, Dr. Wesley and Dr. Maris Francis, Michael and Ionie Diggiss, Rosemarie Thompson, Robert and Michelle Sands, L. Edgar and Remelda Moxey, Anthony and Pamela Ferguson, Chief Justice Ian and Marie Winder, Raymond and Addie Winder, Anthony and Christine Robinson, Antoine and Lisa Bastian, Herbert and Chikera Cash, Patrick A. Rahming, Paul Gomez, Barry and Rev. Dr. Daisy Winder and family,  Georgia Knowles and family , Brian and Brenda Jones, Gregory and Sharda Stuart, Kevin and Bonnie McKenzie and family, L. Roscoe Dames II,  Sterling Seymour, Holistic Health Services Limited Staff, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Delta Lambda Boule, The Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra, Aliv, The University of the Bahamas, Eugene Dupuch Law School, The Gentlemen’s Club, Anglican Central Education Authority, Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander and The Royal Bahamas Police Force, Sol Petroleum Bahamas Limited, Catholic Board of Education, The Balmoral Club, Albany, The Bahamas Golf Federation, The National Hall of Fame class of 2009, Ministry of Tourism, UWI class of 74, Bahamas Air Navigation Services Authority, Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority, University of the West Indies School of Medicine and Research, The Public Hospitals Authority, Princess Margaret Hospital Corporate and Medical Staff, Doctors Hospital Corporate and Medical Staff, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Community Counseling and Assessment Center, The Bahamas Medical Council, The Bahamas Medical Association and many more family, friends and civic organizations.

May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Cremation was held.  Friends may sign the book of condolences at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44a Nassau Street on Friday 10th February 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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2 thoughts on “<strong>Dr. Timothy Edward Augustus Barrett</strong>”

  1. Delarese Nottage Beneby

    Dr. Barrett, you were so kind to me as I was an Air Traffic Controller that worked the fatal plane crash 💥 that killed 10 Bahamian men in October, 2010, heading to San Salvador. That was so traumatic for me and God used you not only in that terrible time for me but in your wisdom, you talked with me during my first session with you and realized that I was too fragile to leave on my own, as I was also going through a divorce and was just going through the loss of two very close friends to stage 4 breast cancer. That turned into five years of visits and initially was paid through work but after that part was completed, God touched your heart and you still had me come for visits as usual but at no cost at all. You used that time to encourage me and assure me, that the Lord was always there for me and that there was nothing too hard and that I would have been just fine. You talked about your times at times you had to prepare sermons and was always an encouragement. It is most time that people are not aware of really how good or bad their loved one would have been to others while they were alive. I will tell you the family, that Dr. Barrett had a heart of gold and truly loved and cared for his patients. I was extremely saddened the night he passed and I heard of his death. He was a giant of a man and would be greatly missed. “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted”. My sincerest condolences to his entire family. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Mrs. Delarese Nottage Beneby(Air Traffic Control).

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The management and staff of Bethel Brothers Morticians wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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