Edison ‘ED’ Rosander Armbrister Jr.

A Private Graveside Service for the late Edison ‘ED’ Rosander Armbrister Jr., aged 72 years, of Sunset Park, will be held on Friday, March 26th, 2021 at Lakeview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum, John F. Kennedy Drive. Officiating will be Pastors Dave Burrows and Kirsch Darville assisted by Pastor Gary Watkins.
Edison 'Ed' Armbrister FA

Edison ‘ED’ Rosander Armbrister Jr.

Aged 72 years

A Private Graveside Service for the late Edison ‘ED’ Rosander Armbrister Jr., aged 72 years, of Sunset Park, will be held on Friday, March 26th, 2021 at Lakeview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum, John F. Kennedy Drive. Officiating will be Pastors Dave Burrows and Kirsch Darville assisted by Pastor Gary Watkins.

Due to current Government regulations in respect of Covid-19, attendance is limited to Forty (40) persons.

Ed was pre-deceased by his Sister: Tangy Brown and Brother-in-law: Edwin Brown.

Left to cherish his memories are his Wife: Rosella Ethelyn Armbrister; Four Daughters: Dr. Phyllis Armbrister, Dionne Armbrister, Alexis Armbrister and Edda Armbrister-Davis; Son-in-Law: Darren Davis; Five Brothers: Paul, Keith, Jonathan, Ashley and Kelson Armbrister; Six Sisters: Cheryl Carter, Rhonda Wilson, Jessica Russell, Andrea Newbold, Maria Johnson and Charlene Taylor; Sisters-in-Law: Willa-Ann, Wendy, Joan, Clelia Armbrister, Debra Wood, Vanria Edwards, Portia Russell, Nurse Janet Bridgewater, Fayette Darling, Najana Ferguson and Chavez Rutherford; Brothers-in-Law:  Harold Carter I, Clifford Wilson, Edmund Russell Sr., Rory Newbold, Vans Johnson, Allan Taylor Sr., Cade Darling Sr., Deon Darling, Kenneth Wood, Nkrumah Edwards, Jeffrey Russell, Trevor Bridgewater Sr., Preston Ferguson Sr., Peter Rutherford Sr.; Grandchildren: Sashuan Armbrister, Nicholas Wells, Jimiel Bastian, Brian Bullard Jr., Jalen Thompson, Alexia Gibson, Adaria Cravatt, Teyah Rolle; Great-grandchildren: Brian Bullard III, Nicoya Wells; Nieces and Nephews: Vaughn and Shonique Armbrister, Amanda and Ron Thomas, Kyle, Antonio and Jonathan Armbrister, Pauline Armbrister-Charlton, Stephen Sands, Edna Armbrister-Hart, Diane Smith, Jalissa Armbrister-Frazer, Brenda Ferguson, Tiffany, Harold II, Natishkah (predeceased), Adrian and Dannon and Erica Carter, Keisha Armbrister-Deal, Keithra Armbrister, Shera Armbrister-Morgan, Keia and Josh Valentin, Rochelle and Lyndon Johnson, Tamika and James Seymour, Tamar and Akilah Armbrister, WPC 3053 Ghia Richardson-Butler (predeceased) and Dwayne Butler, Paul Jr. and Ashriel Richardson, Ambrose and Alexandra Armbrister, Erin Brown, Carlisle Armbrister, Jonathan Jr. and Chi-Kara Armbrister, Demico and Natacha Armbrister, Edmund Jr. and Dominique Russell, Joshua and Naomi Russell, Ashton, Aaron and Adam Newbold, Giovanni, Avenii, Chenanniah, Kristian and Verelle Johnson, Jordan, Aidan and Alexia Armbrister, Kendra Wood-Jones (Keith), Kent Wood, Colaine Darling, Vontez Edwards (Shaundica), Neako Edwards, Nkrumique Edwards, First Officer Christopher Russell, Olivet Russell, Nurse Esther Russell, Trevonya Prahbu (Alec),  Trevez Bridewater, Trevor Bridgewater Jr., Celeste Clarke (Carlton), Crystal Darling, Cade Darling Jr., Fayth Darling, Captain Preston Ferguson II, ATPL (Patience), Paeton Ferguson, Nouvel Ferguson, Peter Rutherford Jr., Paidin Rutherford; Grand Nieces and Nephews: Vaughn Jr., Edison, Glenroy and Shamar Armbrister, Nicholas Williams, Sha-nya and Ronjay Thomas, Nathaniel, Harold III, Lauren, Lorenz, Seth, Taji and Zachary Carter, Solange, Aidan Carter, Charltoneia, Charlton Jr., and Keith Deal, Tanaz and Amber Johnson, Natishkah and Evan Knox, Caleb and Joshá Delancey, Kayden Seymour, Tamar Jr., T’von and Tanitra Armbrister, Tristian Richardson, Khylee Butler, Tangy, Jada and Keiarra Richardson, Elle Richardson and Azekiel Delevaux, Alessandra Armbrister and Arabella, Mikelle, Michael, Micaiah Myles, Aaron and Jupiter Brown, Carlyle Jr., Carlisa, Carlia, Brendon, Brenda, Jasmine, Paris and Kyra Armbrister, Jonelle, Aliyah, Jonathan Jr., Jonavan, Takiyah and Jayce Armbrister, Shaiyann Williams, Allan Jr., André, Alexia, Aidan, Arden, Avery and Ashanti Taylor, Orianna Wallace, Malachi Black, Javi Weech, Zhi, Ari and Koa Valentin, Kooper Armbrister, Keara, Kaliyah & Kaleece Jones, Mya & Nkrumah Edwards III,  Kirknell, Alexia & Kiara Bethel and Shanario Rahming, Renee Culmer, Charis Clarke, Preston Ferguson III; Relatives and Friends: Wilver Deleveaux, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Rolle, Tommy Stubbs, Jeff Francis, Mikey Butler, Trevor Butler, Jane Miller, Keith Jones, Roddy Major, Joseph (Chucky) Bridgewater, Linda Denise Evans, Mona Michel, Vincent Strachan, Neville Rolle and Family, Margo Hillhouse, Fausteen Major-Smith, Simone, Jeremy and Stacy Major, Bryan Smith, Lady Sonia Longley, Troy Smith, Renee Culmer, Jan Thompson and Raquel Gomez, Jackie and Alfred Stuart, Blanche and Fred Henfield, Peter and Stephanie Armbrister, Patricia and Kathy Armbrister, Franchell and Greg Dorsett, Tracy Beneby, Karen Dedolchow, Charlie Saunders, Olive, Carl, Leonard and Luther Smith, Vivienne Lockhart, Mizpah Wallace, Maryanne Smith, Edith Miller, Samuel Brooks, Joanne Smith, Sharon Rahming, Ann Sweeting, Reginald Jr., Kelsey and Kennedy Sweeting, Jacqueline McPhee, Jacquelyn Cox, Anzlo Strachan, Percy Grant, Deborah and Dandria Scott, Ethel Grant-Brown, Wilamena, Colyn, Dale and Carter Grant, Donna Nottage, Bradley Bain. The Davis Family, The Smith, Grant, Cooper, Huyler, Gomez, Saunders, Archer, Munroe, Pinder, Carey, Farrington, Duncombe, Carter, Johnson Family.  The McQuay St, Quarry Mission St Family and Sunset Park Family, Paradise Island Casino Family, The Ed Armbrister Baseball League, CRM Scotiabank Bahamas, Buttons Formal Wear and Friends of Baseball, The Foot & Ankle Institute Family, Dr. A. Black & The Kidney Center, Dr. Bodie & The Serene Medical Family, Cincinnati Reds 1973-77 and other close friends and relatives too numerous to mention.

May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau Street, on Thursday March 25th from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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