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Evangelist Rev’d Dr. Dorothy Pamela Bain

Funeral Service for the late Evangelist Rev’d Dr. Dorothy Pamela Bain age 71 years of Lake Cunningham Estates and formerly of New Bight, Cat Island will be held on Saturday 9th February, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Church of God Auditorium, Joe Farrington Road Officiating will be The Administrative Bishop for The Church of God Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, Bishop Dr. Moses A. Johnson assisted by other ministers of the Gospel

Evangelist Rev’d Dr. Dorothy Pamela Bain

Aged 71 years

Evangelist, Reverend Dr. Dorothy Bain is a household name in the Bahamas. Besides being a phenomenal mother, she was a beloved nurse, renowned business woman and most notably a passionate evangelist. A native of New Bight Cat Island, Dr. Bain was born to doting parents Athreal and Louise Gilbert on Tuesday 6th. January 1948. As the second of 10 children, she learned responsibility at a very early age which fostered her keen sense of autonomy and ingenuity. Scholastically, Dr. Bain was a force to be reckoned with. As an enthusiastic pupil, she clinged to the strong value of education instilled by her parents. Once her secondary education was completed, she traded in the ‘out island’ life to pursue a lucrative career in Nassau. In 1965, Dr. Bain enrolled in the Nursing school program at Princess Margaret hospital where she received formal training. She was a devoted nurse who took her job very seriously. Her philosophy of earning an honest day’s wage governed her work ethic and commitment. Dr. Bain’s heightened compassion and generosity made her an instant favourite with her patients who often sang her praises at chance encounters outside the hospital walls. Despite her love for her profession, Dr. Bain felt a strong obligation to attain a more comfortable life for herself and her children. Around 1986, she succumbed to her entrepreneurial proclivities and began a ‘side hustle’ selling feather flowers from the trunk of her car after her PMH work shift. At some point, the feather flowers evolved into nurses uniforms, men’s clothing and finally into women’s clothing, the genre in which she found her niche. In 1988, on a leap of faith she opened her first store on Nassau Street which she appropriately named ‘Fashion Trap’. By 1994, Dr. Bain’s savvy business skills had landed her 3 successful stores at prime locations around Nassau. At this point, she tendered her resignation as a registered nurse to work full time in her thriving business. Despite all her financial success, Dr. Bain’s life came full circle the day she filled the spiritual void within her. In 1998 she accepted Christ as her personal Saviour, and simultaneously the call on her life to be an evangelist. Dr. Bain embraced God’s plan for her life with 100 times the enthusiasm she did her business. She was steadfast and unrelenting, embracing her family’s roots in the Church of God denomination. Dr. Bain’s fervor for the Gospel and the things of God was unparalleled. In 1999, just a year later she attained certified Evangelist and Evangelism trainer credentials. In 2002 she served as the Central District Evangelist for Church of God Bahamas and Turk & Caicos Islands, a position she held for 2 years. In 2003, Dr. Bain enrolled in the Church of God’s Ministerial Affirmation Program. In April 2004 she became a National Evangelist of the Church of God Bahamas and Turks & Caicos. She received her Exhorter’s License in 2005 and soon after in 2006 attained her Chaplin and Grief Counsellor certification from the Church of God Ministerial School in Cleveland Tennessee. In recognition of her social contributions and work in the community, Dr. Bain received an honorary doctorate from the Virginia Seminary School in 2010. In 2014, she became an ordained Minister in the Church of God. Up until her passing she led the Benevolence Committee for the Church of God. Besides these accomplishments, Dr. Bain received the “Most Outstanding Female Evangelist” in the Bahamas award in 2005 and Church of God’s “Business Woman of the Year” & “Church Mother of the Year” awards in 2006. She has preached and evangelized in the company of legendary international tele-evangelists; Mark Chironna and T. L. Lowery.

Dr. Bain’s mantra was to win the loss at any cost. She went on the highways and byways to do just that. There was no area of the Bahamas too poor or too rich to receive the goodness of the Gospel. To her every soul was important and worth saving. She was committed to her radio program ‘Stay Focus on Jesus’ where every Thursday at 11am she preached the unadulterated Word of God on 107.9 FM. Her generosity extended as far as her heart did. When it came to the church, especially the Church of God, her wallet had no end. Those around her in need also experienced her boundless generosity. This is overflowed into the Benevolence and Park Ministry where she and her team would distribute food, clothing and gospel tracks in the less fortunate communities in Nassau. Dr. Bain was heartbroken by the despair and the shoddy living conditions she saw people were living in. Evangelist Dr. Dorothy P. Bain’s Outreach ministry also extended to the Cicely Ward at P.M.H as well as to Her Majesty’s Prison in Fox Hill. She was a blessing to the inmates and encouraged them despite their unfortunate circumstances.

Evangelist Reverend Dr. Dorothy Bain has lived a full life filled with so much accomplishments that there’s not enough pages to fill. She led by example everyday putting God first and focusing on the great commission to preach the Gospel everywhere. She has left an indelible mark on our lives; one that will remain with us forever.

Funeral Service for the late Evangelist Rev’d Dr. Dorothy Pamela Bain age 71 years of Lake Cunningham Estates and formerly of New Bight, Cat Island will be held on Saturday 9th February, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Church of God Auditorium, Joe Farrington Road Officiating will be The Administrative Bishop for The Church of God Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, Bishop Dr. Moses A. Johnson assisted by other ministers of the Gospel. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive.

Evangelist Rev Dr. Dorothy Bain will be lovingly remembered by her Two Daughters: Sophia McKinney and Dr. Marissa Moncur and Two Sons: Edison and Wayne Moncur. Eight Grandchildren: Jana, Jaleesa, Edison Jr and Liam Moncur; Eddion Whyms, Owen Jr, Akeem and Kaeden McKinney. Two Daughters-in-law: Kihan and Ivana Moncur and One Son-in-law: Owen McKinney. Three Sisters: Nurse Berthalee Walkes, Janet Gilbert and Ruth Edgecombe. Two Brothers: Allan “Candy” Gilbert and James Gilbert. One Aunt: Irene Johnson of New Bight, Cat Island. Six Sisters-in- Law: Lenora Gilbert of New Bight, Cat Island; Jenny Gilbert, Melvern Bain, Sherrie Morley, Sheena Lightbourne and Karen Thompson. Four Brothers-in-law: Leonard Edgecombe, Mecal and Edward Bain; Leo Morley. Numerous Nieces: Jacklyn Fox-Deveaux, Joan Cambridge-Telle, Dr. Krista Walkes-Francis, Keisha, Kim and Tasha Gilbert; Valencia Ramachala, Samantha Johnson, Karis Carey, and Shanique Johnson, Nikita Gray, Michelle Johnson, Leeshan Morley, Brenique Lightbourne, Priscilla, Shenita, Kaverra, Miguel, Esther, Verlisa, Myra, Monet, Miracle and Lorraine Moncur; Romaine and Dr. Romona Nicholls; Romania Miller, Ceandra Stubbs, Indera Sands, Prisca Bannister, Darryl Poitier, Tamara Collie, Anya Miller, Raquel Strachan, Jewel Moss, Chrystal Simmons, Latoya Moncur-Knowles and Shameka Bevans. Numerous Nephews: Dr. Quentin Johnson of New York, Larez and Davidson Johnson; Alberto, Leonardo, Allancio, Ian, Teron, Kevin and William Jr. Gilbert; P.C. 2711 Reynaldo Walkes, Giovano Gilbert of Salt Lake City, Utah; Cory Bain, Cruze Gilbert, Leonard Edgecombe, Jonathan Jr., Jason and Archie Cambridge; Henderson Ambrister, Pastor Trevor Simmons, Karvin & Devin Bain, Travis Edgecombe, Ramod Morley; Shane, John, Rayall, Philip Jr., Navada, Saddam, Kennedy, Myron, Myles, Duran, Jeffrey, Allan, Wendell Jr. and Jason Moncur; Franklyn, Mustapha and Edward Strachan; Halson Ramsey, Jensel Watkins and Baldwin Johnson Jr.; A Host of Other Relatives including: Jenniemae Williams, Rev. Jeffrey Johnson, Lenora Hield, Kim Moss, Veronica Wilson, Maxine, Joan and Maryann Rolle, Gretel Stuart, Anthony and Leonard Johnson, Alfred Moss Jr., Mae Smith, Joan Rolle, Everette, Lynden, Frank, Rodney and Fairest Johnson; Betty and Sally Seymour; Judy Strapp, Oris Strachan, Melanie and Marie Moss; Lionel, Dennis and Wendy Gilbert; Barbara Dorsette, Theresa Collette, Paula-mae Brown, Maybell and Patricia Rolle, Whitney and Allison Moss; Howard Brown, Princess Gilbert, Joyce, Hilda and Edison Knowles; Opposition Leader the Honourable Philip Brave Davis, Elizabeth Gilbert, Madeline Darling, Rosemary Johnson, Joanne Dean, Harriette Johnson, Ellen Hepburn, Abigail Fife, Benjamin Fife, Rev. Ornan Johnson, Arthur Rolle, Geta and Setella Rolle, Prophet Lawrence Rolle, Rev. Winslow Moss, Jazmine, Amber, Leara and Leondre Gilbert; Veronique Moss, Quinton Williams, Charles Williams, Sherell Thompson, Sherell Rigby, Yasmin Rigby, Jaspmin Swaby and Peter Brown . Beloved Employees: Nerlande Meme, Edline Oscar, Stacey Minnis, Danica Deveaux, Mamlette Jermaie, and Inocene Vassor. Dearest Friends and Church Families: Bishop Moses A. Johnson National Overseer of the Church of God Bahamas & Turks and Caicos, Min Cynthia Johnson, Bishop Joseph Smith and the Independence Drive Church of God family, Bishop Goliath Burrows and the Southland Church of God family, Rev. Ilean Johnson and the Lighthouse Church of God family, Bishop Carlton Stuart and the Church of God East St. Cathedral family, Bishop Kirk Smith and the Vision of Hope Church of God family, Bishop Darren Touissant and Southwest Cathedral Church of God family, Bishop Dr. Charles Johnson and the Solid Rock Church of God Family, Bishop Stanley Duncombe and the Midwest Church of God family in Eight Mile Rock, Bishop Steve Dean and the Central Church of God family in Grand Bahama, Bishop Donnie & Jennymae Storr; Church of God National Evangelist Rachel Mackey, Sis. Loretta Lewis, Sis. Gretel Williams, J.P Minister Myrtle Goodman; Sis. Jane Storr, Sis. Helen Barnett, Sis. Euna Cooper and Bishop and Sis. Woodside of Grand Bahama; Bishop and Sis. Archlas Cooper, Bishop Peter Arnette and Sis. Barbara Smith of Abaco; Bro. Harold Mackey, Sis. Edna Leadon, Pastor Prince Cargill and Bishop Adderley of Andros; Sis. Jenny Humes, Rev. Tiffany Newman, Rev. Arlington Bodie, Rev. Dr. Julia Bain, Rev. Lozier Roker, Rev. Edna Lopez, Rev. Errol Johnson, Rev. Rufus Lightfoot, Rev. Bertha Deveaux, Sis. Laura Benson, Jensen Bethel, Retired Nurse Marilyn Rolle, Bridgette Richie, Myrtis Darville, Minister Eurice and Denver Dames, Lawyer Devard Francis LLB, Agnes Gilbert, Rosetta Clarke, Beijra and Franklyn McCoy; Barbara Williams, Detra Lightbourne of Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos; Sandra Bain, Judeline Francois of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Edward Colebrooke, Grace Gibson, Darren Kelly, Sue Culmer, Sidney Campbell, Sis. Violet and Cordel Delancey, Dr. Ebby Jackson, Delphine and Lemuel Boyd, Elaine and Leroy Franklyn, Paula and Ingrid Romer, Bishop Ephraim Rolle, Lashanda Lewis, Torrieano Cummings, Edward Moncur, Sidney, Wendall, Caleb, Florence, Philip, Hattie, Cephas, Judy, Deanna, Myron and Marcia Moncur; Rose Strachan, Lennor and Baldwin Johnson, Icelyn and Roman Nicholls, Terry Colebrooke, Linda Cartwright, Joanna Storr, Wesley Gaitor, William Campbell, Keith Russell, Sidney Campbell, Nurse Willamae Brennen, Harriette Smith, Betty Ambrister, Martin & Fifika Bain, Elizabeth Smith, Evangelist Livingston and Brenda Dames, Dr. Mikail Taylor, Cara Taylor, Kathleen Blanc, Adrian Griffith of Tampa, Florida; Cerena Shaw and Ruby Walcott of El Paso, Texas; Jane Silas, Brian Miller, Keith Russell, Portia McKenzie, Jeffrey Severe, Quaid Robinson, Jack Cambridge, Ian & Kim Smith, John & Benedicta Damas, Farreno & Ianthia Ferguson, Antonio & Nathanria Williams, Simeon Hall Jr., Alpheus Ramsey, Basil Dean Jr., Emmanuel Gibson, Eldred Saunders, Malissa Rolle, Olga Fedorenko-Botros of San Diego, California; Georgia Braithwaite of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Calvin Smith, Tyrus Curtis, Daphne Ferguson, Lucia Rolle, Claudette and O’neil Sherman, Lucy Johnson & Wilfred King; Pastor Jason Russell and Sophie Russell of the Tabernacle of God Outreach Int’l Ministries in Old Bight, Cat Island; Emmanuel Gospel Chapel and the Brethren church family, the Management and Staff of Fashion Trap at the Mall at Marathon, the Management and Staff of New Bight Food Market in New Bight, Cat Island; the Management and Staff of Sun & Ice and Poseidon’s Table in Atlantis, Paradise Island; the Management and Staff of Manuelo’s Café, the Management and Staff of Doc’s Pharmacy, the Management and Staff of Judy’s Hat Shop, The Doctors and Nurses at the Princess Margaret Hospital, The Doctors and Nurses of the Braathen Center at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida; The ICU Doctors and Nurses at Broward General Medical Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; The Lake Cunningham Community, the Family Medicine Clinic, the Management and Staff of ZNS, the Management, Staff and Inmates of The Bahamas Department of Corrections, the Management and Staff of Bethel Brothers, the entire Cat Island Community including the: Moss, Gilbert, Johnson, Romer, Thompson, Russell, Moncur, Williams, Bannister, King, Pratt, Poitier, McKinney, Hart, Stubbs and Seymour Families, the entire Lower Bogue Community of Eleuthera including the: Bain, Moss, Ferguson and Kelly Families and others too numerous to mention.

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