Gerald William “Bam” Coakley Sr.

Graveside Service for the late Gerald William “Bam” Coakley Sr., aged 56 years, of First Street the Grove and formerly of Cargill Creek, Andros, will be held on Friday August 27th, 2021, at Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery, Soldier Road.  Officiating will be Bishop Kerone Coakley.
Gerald Coakley Sr. 1

Gerald William “Bam” Coakley Sr.

Aged 56 years

Graveside Service for the late Gerald William “Bam” Coakley Sr., aged 56 years, of First Street the Grove and formerly of Cargill Creek, Andros, will be held on Friday August 27th, 2021, at Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery, Soldier Road.  Officiating will be Bishop Kerone Coakley.

Due to current Government regulations in respect of Covid-19, masks and physical distancing are required.  Graveside attendance is limited to thirty (30) persons.

Left to cherish his memory are his Wife: Marie Coakley; Sons: Drazen Coakley and Gerald Coakley Jr., Daughter: Shavunka McKinney; Grandson: Tameko Delancey; Mother: Janet Coakley; Brothers: Gregory (Jane) Knowles, Michael (Diane) Coakley Sr., Jermaine (Yolanda) Coakley Sr., Covin and Shadaka (Sr.) Coakley, James “Killer” Coakley, Leroy Hepburn, Theo, Kirk, and June Coakley, Bishop Kerone (Pastor Letecia) Coakley; Sisters: Evelyn (Bradley) Braynen Sr., Petrona and Charmaine Coakley, Michelle (Charles) Bodie, Patricia Deveaux, Christine Dawkins, Angela (Dran) Miller, Marion Stewart-Moss, Leona Springs, Margaret Dyke, Pearline Nixon, Sandra Harris; Brothers-in-law: Garnet, Alexander, Kelby and Gregory Newbold; Nephews: Grexton Knowles, Narado Wilson, Ahmal, Rajevi and Marine Seaman Bradley (Jr.) Braynen, Sgt. Santieno (Alphonique) Coakley, Ernest Colebroke Jr., Michael Coakley Jr., Kylon Stuart, Charleston Bodie, Jermaine Jr., Ronnie and Enrico, Coakley, Shadaka Jr., Gordon (Vernitia) and Jameko Coakley, Det. 1204 Dawyne Deveaux, Theophilus Darling, Cyril, Charrad Chuvalo and Brenton Mason, Joseph (Jr.) and Jamal Nixon, Lasalles and Theo Dyke, Gregory Robinson, Shane Coakley and Brain  Harris and Bradley Bullard Jr.; Nieces: Bradia and Brittani Braynen, Shakira Jenkins, Vanishka Coakley, Michaela Swann, Taydra Rolle, Kersheka, Canaan, Covinique, Shameka, Sade and Destiny, Keranell, Kaylesha, Kayden and Kayla Coakley, Carlisa Stuart, Charshelle Bodie, Jaylen, Valentina Hepburn, Calpurina Paul, Shayenda Pratt, Lakota Percentie, Martinique Coakley, Dellarese Jenkins, Monique and Elaine Mason, Schenita and Schonella Stewart, Naphateri Neal, Bretinna Robisnon, Nyoka Nixon, Wendera French, Ashlei Coakley, Shantell Hepburn, Christina and Stanlia Coakley, Petra and Britney Dawkins; Uncles: Raymond and Micklyn Seymour, Nathaniel Wallace and Floyd Newbold, Charles Johnson, Michael and Kirkwood McKenzie; Aunts: Geneva Braynen, Sonia, Olga, and Yvonne Seymour, Sheila Saunders, Marionette Strachan, Naomi Summer, Jannette Johnson, Patricia McKenzie and Genese Toussaint; Cousins: Ezra, Harold, Barry, Shane, Beverley, Ingrid and Emily Braynen, Varlymae Woods, Everette, Cardinal, Mario, Godfrey and  Lorrie Seymour, Daisy Bowe, Natasha Frasier, Danny, Donnie, Nero, Shive, Avia, Inderia, Melanie, Rodricka and Aniska Newbold,Kendall and Kenesha Seymour, Shan, Dion, Pedro, Joel, Carrington Seymour, Tiffany and Ashley Seymour, Wesley, Collin, Lincoln, Jennie, Alexander, Alexanderia and Michelle Neely, Timothy, Laverene, Audley, Willis,Nolan and Garnett Thompson, Glister, Barbara, Ty and Patrice Wallace, Deangelo and Gerald Seymour; Godchildren: Paul Moss III and Kayleen Thompson; Other relatives and friends including: Harvey Gibson, Garanique Gibson, Mildred Anderson and Siblings, Paul Bain and Siblings, Melverne Bain and Siblings, Lavenia Coakley and Siblings,  Rosanna McKenzie and Siblings, Paul Moss II, Frankie Russell, Tony Lightbourne, George Minnis, Bradley Bullard, Mathew Hinsey, Stephen Briggs, Haaquis Thompson, Enid Bain and Family, Sandra Mackey and Family, Joanna Belle and Family, Patricia Bowe and Family, Edna Leadon and Family, Mizpah Braynen and Family, Ellis Farrington and Family, Sybil Neymour and Family, Yvonne Russell and Family, Hellen Rolle and Family, Agnes Leadon and Family, Idela McKenzie and Family, Bruce Farrington and Family, the entire communities of Cargill Creek, Behring Point and Bowen Sound Andros, Alice Newton and Family, Goliath Burrows and Family, Kenneth Poitier and Family,  Pastors Clint and Ellen Williams, Garfield Davis, Samantha Cartwright and Dr. Sheena Moss, Laverene Bowe and Family, the community of First Street the Grove, The staff of Bam’s Liquor Store, The Management and Staff of Jetro Bahamas, The Management and Staff of 3C’s Wholesale Liquors, and The Church of God Family, Andros.

May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau Street, on Thursday August 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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4 thoughts on “Gerald William “Bam” Coakley Sr.”

  1. On behalf of the Sirianni family we share our condolences to you and your family. May your soul Rest In Peace.
    Carlene Sirianni
    Iran Edwards
    Claudia Griffiths
    Thomas Sirianni.

  2. Marion Stewart-Moss

    My loving, kind and generous brother Gerald William Coakley, we will forever love ❤️ and miss you! My heart is broken 💔💔in a million tiny pieces at your loss! We will never forget you brother! Continue to rest forever in God’s Loving Arms! Eternally at peace!😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔
    Your sister,
    Marions Stewart-Moss

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