Leslie Lorenz Rahming “Duckie”

A Private Graveside Service for the late Leslie Lorenz Rahming “Duckie”, aged 57 years, of Kenwood Street, will be held on Friday, December 18th, 2020 at Western Cemetery, Nassau Street. Officiating will be The Reverend Fr. Scott Brennen, Rector of St. Georges Anglican Church, Montrose Avenue and Arundel Street.
Leslie Rahming

Leslie Lorenz Rahming “Duckie”

Aged 57 years

A Private Graveside Service for the late Leslie Lorenz Rahming “Duckie”, aged 57 years, of Kenwood Street, will be held on Friday, December 18th, 2020 at Western Cemetery, Nassau Street.  Officiating will be The Reverend Fr. Scott Brennen, Rector of St. Georges Anglican Church, Montrose Avenue and Arundel Street.

Due to current Government regulations in respect of Covid-19, attendance is limited to ten (10) persons.  

Leslie is predeceased by his Father: Leon “Doc” Rahming, OBE; Brothers: Leon David Rahming and Loran Leon Rahming.

Left to cherish his memories are his Sons: Lamont and Latrae Rahming; Daughters: Lashan, Lanique, Lashae, Latoya, and Leslie Rahming; Mother: Viola Rahming; Sisters: Linda Fitzgerald, Lavern Hanna, and Lisa Young; Brothers: Superintendent Christopher Rahming Sr., Leo, Lambert, Lynden, and Lamont Rahming; Brothers-in-law: Kevin Hanna, and Charles Young Sr.; Sisters-in-law: Mary Rahming, Sharon Rahming (nee Stubbs), Sharon Rahming (nee Sweeting), Deborah Rahming and Germaine Rahming; Uncles: Samuel Rahming, Joseph Hepburn, and Rhinehart Pearson; Aunts: LaGloria Demeritte, Zelda Pearson, Joyce Morris, and Gwen Hepburn; Nephews and Nieces: Tyrone and Enrico Fitzgerald, Enesca Fitzgerald-Smith, Mario McKay, Lamarr, Leon Darryl and Lanette Rahming; Mai-Tai, Unoma, Christine, and Christopher Rahming, Denia Lewis, Kevval and Kevin Andrew Hanna, Leosha, Lavardo, Lavon, and London Rahming, Laurel Rahming, Tamara Munnings, Lamanda, Lambert Jr., and Lakeem Rahming,  Lynden Jr., Lynrick and Lorneka Rahming, Charles Jr. and Chet Young, Leia and Leslie Rahming; Grandnieces and nephews: Mario Jr., Shianka, and Tiesha McKay,Enrica, Eliesha, and Enrico Fitzgerald, Dior, Dion, Direigh Fitzgerald, Malia Smith, Tamani Deveaux, Kiara, Kayden, and Kristina Hanna, Dorothy Hanna-Blondes, Lavado Rahming Jr., Lavon and Le’Asia Rahming, Jayanna Hall, Liberty Rahming, Cimone Young, Doniqua Thurston, Deneka Rahming, Cameron, Blade and Beyonce Lewis, Zaria Rahming Great Grandnephew: Roman Rigby; Numerous relatives and friends including: Linda Kemp & Family, Sandra Rahming & Family, Faye Rolle & Family, Latese “Tessa” McPhee & Family, Dwayne “Footie” Ferguson, Dwayne “Dwaynie” Ferguson Jr, Lincoln Rolle & Family, Terry & Kiesha Delancy & Family, Jacob Evans, James “Biggie” Bastian & Family, Sterling ” Killer” Moss & Family, Glen Saunders, Monique Caesar, Trevor Roberts, Sharon Robinson, Jazmyne Johnson & Family, Craig Ferguson, Owen Wells, Ricky Stuart, Linburgh Stuart, Jonathan Woodside, Galen & Monique Ford, Jeff and Sylvia Brown, Charles, Kendal “Funky” and Ian Demeritte, Karen Demeritte-Woodside, and Keva Mackey, Gareth Butler, Phyllis Sullivan, Debra Miller, Gail, Austin, David, and Kevin Hepburn, Dru Hepburn, Sheldon, Sean and Shenika Pearson, Erin Spencer, Chantel McKay, Shantel Rahming, Shanise Mary Rahming, Kenrica Rahming, Michael Smith, Glenna Hanna, Madalyn Blondes, Kyra Tene Young, Carlton Wright, Ginger Miller, Rochelle Smith, Icilee Smith-Banks, Bernard, Samuel Jr., Shauna, Fran, Benedict, and Kermit Rahming, Lanora Poitier, Rhonda Rolle, Tyrone, Gordon, Michael, Norman, Kevin, and Bradley Rahming, Hilton and Inga Bowleg, Kirsten Bowleg, McQuaise “Dejay” Hepburn & Antionette Hepburn, Nikeisha Hepburn-Yanke & Kevin Yanke, Scott Hepburn, Kendal Butler, Jermaine, Valencia, and Tyrinese Brown, Carlton Smith, the Rt. Honourable Perry G. Christie and Mrs. Bernadette Christie, the Honourable Philip “Brave” Davis and Mrs. Davis, the Honourable Frederick A. Mitchell, the Honourable Loretta Butler-Turner and Mr. Edward Turner, the Honourable Reece Chipman and Mrs. Chipman, Mr. & Mrs. E.R. Hanna & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Felix White & Family, Mrs. Dorothy Hanna & Family, The Campbell Family, the Francis Family, the Smith Family, Idris & Gwen Reid & Family, the Mycklewhite Family, the Munnings Family, the Roberts Family, the Brice Family, Christine Rahming, Doris Munnings-Burrows & Family, William and Dorothy Paige of Norcross, Georgia, Garth Woodside, Darren Mitchell, Rozalia Bowe, Mary Wilson, Olive Brown, Vesey Ferguson, Charles Major III & Family, Maceo Seymour, Wayne Seymour, Spencer McKenzie, Reddy, Dacosta Williams, George “G” Rolle, Marvin “Shorts” Cherry, Wilfred “Fat Boy” Moxey, Lippy, Philip Daxon, Sidney “Moon” McPhee & Family, Jimmy Bostwick, Johnny Sands, Deval Sands, Abby Saunders, Anitra Wright, Brian and George McCartney Jr & Family, John & Michelle Pickstock, Daniel, Lynden “DoDo” Bethel, Andy “Papa Handle” Miller, Andrew Astwood & A.J, Dana, Cecily, Robert, Herod Alexander & the Miami Family, Trevor Johnson, Tyrone “Acre” Strachan, Trevor Bullard, Darren Roberts, Jason “Teflon” Armaly, Tino Armaly, Jamal ‘Pecky” Butler, Kendall, Warde “Wood”, John Joseph, Rasta Kevie, Rudy, Slim, Talls, Walter Pierre, Andrew, Dolin, Hotts, Ronnie, Meany, Dack “Yardy”, Dale, Lovely, Katie, Louise Sutherland, Stephen Bain, Reverend Emily Demeritte, Derry Strachan & Family, Retired Nurse Patricia Reckley, Bernadette Hepburn, Diane Turnquest, Merrill, Bertie, and Christine Johnson, Michael and Ada Wisseh, Anthony “Boots” Weech, Shanise Rahming, Janice Smith & Family, Kevin Bethel, Dieuseul “Jimmy” Milfort, John Montpetitt, Montgomery Lockhart, Glen Zonicle, Erskine Johnson, Kelson Gardiner, Jordan Deveaux, Mrs. Doris Fitzgerald & Family, Mr. Edward Fitzgerald & Family, Emily Munnings, Tanya Pratt, Dwayne and Rishae Gray, Ian “Chefy” Mills, John Gibson, Katie Reilly, Natasha Brown, Linda Fitzgerald & Family, Marketa Holbert, Joan Beckford, Charles Sealy II, Clorene Simon, Lloyd “Skip” Jones, Harry and Shantel Brown, Father Kirk Knowles, Pastor Timothy Stewart and Mrs. Stewart, Esther McPhee & Family, Delores McPhee & Family, Perry and Paula Balfour, Dale Davis, William and Camille Curry, Darla Newbold & Family, Karen Gay & Family, Hazel Cartwright & Family, Karisma Dean, the Hepburn Family, the Campbell Family, the Brown Family, the Samuels Family, the Cooper Family, the Strachan Family, the Sweeting Family, The Class of 1981 Jordan Prince William High School, The Washington Street Family, The Porch Family, Jerry & The Auto Wizard Family, Reverend Howard Williamson, Dr. Gemma Rolle, Dr. Frederick Smith, Dr. Patrick Cargill, Dr. Alejandro Mesples & the Staff of Doctor’s Hospital, the Management and Staff of the Intensive Care Unit of Canyon Vista Medical Center, Sierra Vista, Arizona, Harrison Moxey and the United Public Transportation Company Ltd., Reverend Fr. Scott Brennen and the members of St. Georges Anglican Church, members of Rhodes Memorial Methodist Church, members of Bethel Baptist Church and the Senior Saints Group, residents of Kenwood Street and the Centreville Community (“the Valley”), the Culmersville Community, members of The Valley Boys Junkanoo Group, members of the P. I. G. S. Junkanoo Group, the Management & Staff of NUA Insurance Company Ltd., the Management & Staff of Bargain City Mart, Ms. Lorene Taylor & the Staff of Executive Motors the Staff of Economy Bus Line and Charter Service and Convenient City Transit, the Staff of Virgo Car Rental, Battery & Tire Co., The Paint Depot, Albury’s Supplies, Speedy Tire Repair, Complete Auto Air, Lucayan Rental, Prime Time Group of Companies, DA Links Car Rental, the descendants of Rum Cay, and many other family members, friends, and loved ones too numerous to mention but loved, acknowledged, and appreciated.

May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau St. on Thursday, December 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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3 thoughts on “Leslie Lorenz Rahming “Duckie””

  1. With deepest sympathy to the Rahming family during your time of bereavement.
    Roderick and Veronica Pratt and family. Kaye Pratt Foy and family (Atlanta).

  2. Sincerest condolences go out to the Rahming family. May the Good Lord continue to comfort and strengthen you and give you peace during this time of sorrow. The Sun will shine again. May Leslie’s soul continue to rest in peace. Cindy John…Class of 1981, Jordan Price William High School.

  3. My deepest sympathy to his kids and family. Duckie will be grealty missed. My A1 from day 1. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

    Pamela Bain Williams

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The management and staff of Bethel Brothers Morticians wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed.

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