Matriarch Maxine Delores Adderley “Grammy Max”

A Private Funeral Service for Matriarch Maxine Delores Adderley “Grammy Max”, aged 89, of Roland Ave, Boyd Subdivision will be held on Saturday, July 11th, 2020 at Bethel Baptist Church, on Meeting Street. Officiating will be Pastor Timothy Stewart, assisted by other ministers of the Gospel. Interment will follow in Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Meeting Street.

Matriarch Maxine Delores Adderley “Grammy Max”

May 3rd, 1931 - June 27th, 2020

A Private Funeral Service for Matriarch Maxine Delores Adderley “Grammy Max”, aged 89, of Roland Ave, Boyd Subdivision will be held on Saturday, July 11th, 2020 at Bethel Baptist Church, on Meeting Street. Officiating will be Pastor Timothy Stewart, assisted by other ministers of the Gospel. Interment will follow in Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Meeting Street.

In compliance with current Government regulations, attendance will be limited to close family & friends.

She was Predeceased By, Mother: Ophelia Forbes, Father: Rev. Rodger G. Adderley; Brothers: Nathaniel Forbes and Tony Adderley; Sister: Ruth Adderley.

Left to cherish her memories are her Children: Paulette Delaney, Maria Butler, Sabrina Ingraham, Erica Ingraham, Former Cabinet Minister & Member of Parliament, Attorney C. V. Hope Strachan, Brandon Bethel and Reverend Lavette (Reverend Patrick) McFall; Adopted Children: Dona Wilson-Haley and Austin Wilson; Grandchildren: Ryan (Caroline) Conliffe, Dayne, Dawn, Marc (Christy), Dayrrl Butler, Aklia Ingraham, Perry Strachan, Dr. Danielle Strachan-Bowleg (Dr. Drumeco Bowleg), Jared and Justin Strachan; Adopted Grandchildren: Brandon Wilson and JaiDon Haley; Great grandchildren: D’Arcy Conliffe, Marcus Butler, Lathan & Eli Bowleg and A’Mya Strachan; Sisters: Cynthia Duvalier, Miriam Adderley and Hilda Melbourne; Brothers: Reverend Dr. Kenneth, Gladstone (Early), Richard, Pastor Wilfred (Sheila) & Philip Adderley and Howard (Darnelle) Miller; Nieces: Beverly (Reverend Wilkinson) Francis, Nicole Williams, Gina (Elgin) Smith, Monique, Natasha, Sara, Kim, Melissa, Tonia, Siobhan & Sandra Adderley and Genia & Meghan Melbourne; Nephews: Anthony Smith-Duvalier (predeceased), Kevin Knowles, Botvinnick, Jonathon, Johanna, Michael, Myles, Antonio, Jason, Antoine, Ajene, Corey, Wilfred II, Matthew (deceased), Jamaal and Andrew Adderley; Grandnieces: Janique (Warren) Wilson, Kirizza Knowles and Anastacia Smith; Grandnephews: ZanVaughn Duvalier; Great Grandnieces: Kaiyah Smith and Anai Ingraham; Cousins: Hyacinth & Family, Sheena, Stephanie Jones, Vandalyn Adderley, Kara White, Crystal LeFleur, Gibao & Arvin Butler; Spiritual and Adopted Sons & Daughters: Pastor Emma & Don Forbes, Gina Smith, Enid Armbrister, Terez Davis-Nixon, Pertrenda Dean, Melanie Lightbourne-Rowe, Pastor elect Jacqueline Fraser, Valderene Gardiner, Rose Pritchard, Deno Hamilton, Daphnae Smith and Gwen Basden, Deacon Trevor & Rev Christina Bethell, Deaconess Keisha Russell, Adrian Smith, Carolyn Charlton, Attorney Sharon Rahming-Rolle; Godchildren: Melanie Hutcheson, Nathan Anwar Adderley, Randy Major and LaTonya Wayde; Care Taker: Nurse Veronica Bodie; Other Relatives: Douglas Strachan, Dayrrl Butler Sr, Rosita Duvalier, Brenda Ingraham & Family, Jeanne McDowell & Family, The Family of the late Elsa Keys, The Family of the late Kenneth & Ruth Ingraham, Kirk Ingraham, the family of the late Nurse Merlene Hanna former M.P., Elsie Strachan & Family, Yvonne McFall & Family, Vincent & Crystal Young & Family, Esther Winder-Storr & Family, Dr Barry and Missy Russell & Family, Beverly Finley & The Bain Family, the family of the late Ms. Jerolyn Saunders, the family of the late Pastor Henry Adderley, the family of the late Hon. Arlington Butler, former M.P., Karina Rolle & Family, Mr Anthony & Mrs Ella Thompson and Family, Jeslyn Wallace & Family, Faye Dillet & Family, Craig Clarke & Family, the family of the late Texas and Constance Lunn, Ed Thompson & Family, Annie Digiss & Family, the family of the late Edna Bain, Sally Hutchinson & Family, Mary Marshall & Denise Wildgoose, the family of the late Dora Scott, Edith Smith & Family, Ms Joe Simmon & Family, The Family of the late Emmy Sawyer, Mrs Augusta Wallace & Family, Rosie Grant & Family, the late Rev. Mervin and Nathalie Hutcheson & family, the family of the late Jerome & Marion Hutcheson & Family, Pansy Miller & Family, , Mr Arlington Miller & Family, Nathaniel & Alelia Adderley & Family, Bruce & Una Delancey & Family, Candace Russell & Family, Emerald Lightbourne & Family, Abigail Bethel & Family and Dr Nelson & Debbie Clarke & Family; Spiritual Leaders: Pastor Timothy and Sharon Stewart and Family, Pastor Wellington and Donna Johnson & Family, Father I. Ranfurly Brown, Father Dwight Bowe, Arch Deacon Father Mark Fox , George & Rev Patricia Bethel & Family, Rev Kendal & Ruby Nottage & Family, Rev Melvin Grant & Family, Rev A. Dewitt Hutcheson & Family, Rev Christopher Brown & Family, Rev Patrick Smith & Family and Pastor Lavardo Duncanson & Family; Medical Team: Dr Indira Grimes, Dr Eugene Gray, Dr Agreta Eneas-Carey, Dr Kenneth Newbold & Family, Nurse Antoinette Clarke, Nurse Angel Dean, Nurse Lashan Mortimore, Nurse Sabrina Laing and The Bahamas Nursing Agency and Terelle Major; Neighbours and Friends: the late Marguerite Horton & Family, the late Mrs McQuay & Family, Mrs. Catherine Francis & Family, O’Brian & Cindy Knowles & Family, Ephraim Jones & Family, Rodney “Fraction” Farquarson & Family, Mr Charles & Mary Rolle & family, Helen Butler & Family, Mr & Mrs Seymour, Panzy Miller & Family, Virginia Major & Family, The family of the late Patricia Archer, Mrs Mildred Turner & Family, The late Wenzell Lightbourne & Family, The late Mrs. Rhodenwalt Family, Ms. Vernelle Storr & Family, Ken and Nellie Strachan & family, Deacon Stephen & Mrs Dorothea Thompson & Family, Raymond & Addie Winder and Family, Ishmael & Sharlene Lightbourne & Family, Dr Sparkman & Dawn Ferguson & Family, Dr Florence Gittens & Family, Deaconess Opal Bastian, Mr George & Deaconess Maude Sturrup, Deaconess Natasha Seymour, The Family of the Olive Francis, The Family of the late Rachael Bonimy, The Bethel Baptist Church Family Sanctuary Choir, Senior Saints & Usher Board, Bahamas Orthodontic Center Staff 2005-2011, St Agnes Anglican Church Family, the St Mary’s Anglican Church Family, Holy Trinity Anglican Church Family, Marguerite Pindling & Family, The Right Hon. Perry G. Christie and the entire cabinet of 2012-2017, The Hon. Philip Brave Davis, The Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin, Hon Fred Mitchel, Hon Desmond Bannister & Family, the Hon. Mark Humes, Mr. & Mrs. Valentine Grimes and Family, Mr & Mrs Alfred Sears & Family, Mr Maxwell Gibson & Mrs Allyson Maynard-Gibson, Mr Jerome Fritzgerald & Family, Mr Leon & Mrs Melanie Griffin & Family, Mr Obediah Wilchcombe, Dr Daniel Johnson, The officers & members of Seabreeze Branch PLP, Hon Desmond Bannister & Family, the Hon. Mark Humes, Justice W. Renae McKay, Justice Diane Stewart, Justice Keith Thompson, Dr Dexter & Dr Anne Johnson & Family, The Chairman, Board of Directors’ and Staff of Trinity Christian Schools, Joy Gibrilu and The Ministry of Tourism Family, Nancy Johnson and family, Gwendolyn Moncur & Family, Larry Pinder & Family, Judith Hepburn, Attorney Kendal Wright, Attorney Sharanna Bodie, Attorney Sharon Rahming-Rolle, St John’s College Class of 1977, Brian “Skippy” & Heather Smith & Family, Cecile Robinson, Mr Valentine Butler & Family, Mr Larry & Mrs Marsha Saunders & Family, Michael C. Seepaul, Silbert & Arleen Ferguson & Family, Ellison Tommy Thompson, Annalee Huyler, Mr Ian Major, Michael & Bernadette Saunders, Mr Roosevelt & Mrs. Patty McKenzie, Andrea Missick & Family, Hollis Delancy, Darrell & Ingrid Bartlette, Wendy Smith, Latrenda Lightbourne, Angelica Cartwright, Sam & Rosie Johnson, Mizpah Munroe and many, many others that due to physical limitations are not listed.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau Street on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

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