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Merlene Alma Cartwright

Funeral Service for the late Merlene Alma Cartwright, aged 86 years, of Eastbrook Street, will be held on Saturday September 14th 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Bethel Baptist Church, Meeting Street.

Merlene Alma Cartwright

Aged 86 years

Funeral Service for the late Merlene Alma Cartwright, aged 86 years, of Eastbrook Street, will be held on Saturday September 14th 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Bethel Baptist Church, Meeting Street. Officiating will be Rev’d. Timothy Stuart assisted by Rev’d. Melvin Grant and Rev’d. Patricia Bethel. Interment will follow in Church’s Cemetery.

Left to celebrate and cherish her memory are her Daughters: Joanna Heiskill, Jessica Cartwright, Son-in-Law: Willie Heiskill, Grandchildren: Gerard and Jermaine Cartwright-Fox, Simone and Massimo Biasuzzi, Samantha McCartney, Shaun Heiskill, Justin Cartwright, Angela Rolle, Great Grandchildren:Adore-Isabella Fox, Marcello Biasuzzi, Sisters and Brothers: Sylvia Matthew, Hyacinth Burnside, Marina Sands, Dorothy Coakley, Dr. John & Tordis Coakley, Wyatt Johnson, Stephen Coakley, Ellen & Brian Serville, Florence Morley, Vera Carey, Patsy Bowleg, Hubert Sands, Nieces and Nephews: Daniel and Deidre Matthew and family, Dr. Allan and Maxine Matthew and family, Robin Matthew, Michael and Bernadette Saunders and family, Reginald and Kamala Saunders and family, William Holland and family, Christina Thompson-Russell and family, Dr. Wendy Thompson, Lesley Pinder and family, Nicole and DuWayne Winder and family, Shaka and Jennifer Serville and family, Drs. Dia and Dena Serville and family, Tarik Serville, Sandra Ramocan and family, Donna and Erin Adderley and family, Tanya and Michael Wright and family, Wilfred Stanley III and Simone Coakley and family, Sabrina and Eden Zonicle and family, Mark and Nadia Coakley and family, Dr. Jonathan Coakley and Dr. Deborah Hume and family, Dr. Stephany Coakley, Stephen Jr. and Latoya Coakley and family, Stephen Nakia Wells-Coakley, Delan and Calia Coakley and family, Shayne Pinder, Richardson and Cindy Morley and family, Lilly Mae Morley and family, Deanna and Ron Simpson and family, Michael and Wendy Morley and family, Elquena Brown and family, McQuella Cartwright and family, Dorothy Bethel and family, Barbara Hunt and family, Karen Smith and family, Hervis Cartwright Jr., Samuel Cartwright, Mel Cartwright, Keno Cartwright and family, Kenrick Cartwright, Karen Bethel, Gordon and Ruth Carey and family, John Carey and family, Morris Carey and family, John Clyde Carey, Stephen and Charmaine Bain, Dorthia and Charles Furni, Lois Turnquest and family, Forena Sands, Numerous Relatives and Friends: Icelyn Pratt and family, Maxine Wright and family, Sis. Janice Coakley, Maxwell Coakley and family, George Coakley and family, Phillip Coakley and family, Peter Coakley and family, Anthony Coakley, the family of the late Alfred Coakley, Patrice Coakley and family, Telzena Coakley, Dorothy and Hiram Lockhart and family, Millicent Cambridge and family, Butch Scavella and family, Rendy and Ray Avila and family, Rev. Bessie Dean and family, the family of the late Viola Johnson and Adrin Johnson, the Pinder, Dean, Kemp and Johnson families of Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera, the family of the late Marion & Jerome Hutcheson, the family of the late Ernest Dean of Sandy Point, Abaco, the Hutcheson and Brown families, the family of the late Reno and Mary Brown, the family of the late Gweneth & Robert Turnquest, Etienne Farquaharson, Karen Turnquest, Dianne Farrington and family, Sandra Christie and family, Rosie Fernander-Samuda and family, the Coakleys of King Street, Marguerite Jackson and family, Pat Jervis and family, Anita Cooper and family, Eleanor Elliott and family, Dr. Larry Carroll and family, Margo Carroll de Gongora and family, Mitzie and Debbie Swaby and family, Rita Sweeting and family, Larry and Debbie Sawyer and family, Gabriella and Sergio Biasuzzi and family of Italy, Pastor Timothy Stewart and family, Obi and Diane Pindling and family, Dame Marguerite Pindling, the family of the late Clement Bowleg, Canon Warren Rolle and family, The Ladies of New P31, Bishop Gilbert Thompson and family, Bishop Laish and Joanne Boyd and family, Melvern Roberts and family, Dame Ivy Dumont, Archbishop Drexel Gomez, Bursal and Rose Bradshaw and family, Patsy Bridgewater and family, Dr. Timothy McCartney and family, the McCartney, Thompson and Weech families, Patricia Nicholls and family, Leonard Dames and family, The Johnson family of Ernest Street, Keno and Ephanette Wong and family, Dion Darling and family, Trevor Pratt and family Carrie Knowles, Rosie Grant and family, Mr. Anan Scott (Virginia), Willamae Salkey, Benjamin Henfield and family, Cynthia Khan and family, Fr. Neil Nairn and family, Monica Gomez and family, Agenor Pierre and family, Andrena Belvitt, Brenda Russell and family, Dr. Anton and Linda Kuzel and family, Joe and Rosie Slavings, Martin Fox, Ramky Kavaserry, Joy Elliott (Virginia), Judith Cooper and family, Rosemary Braynen and family, Kendall and Donna Campbell and family, Jacqueline and Larry Blizzard and family, Denise Cooper-Louis and family, Franklin and Roselda Rigby and family, Angelo Rolle, Sylvia Rolle and family, The Bethel Baptist Church family especially the Senior Saints, The St. Agnes Church family, Premier Travel Staff, Staff of the Nelson Clinic (MCV) especially Nurses Barbara and Virginia, Chippenham Hospital Intensive Care Staff and 4thFloor Staff especially Nurses Jeanne and Sarah, Dr. Pearsol, Dr. Park, Meta Johnson, Brenda Allen, Peggy Snead, Bishop Ronald M. Scott, and a host of other relatives and friends.

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