Reginald Poitier

Funeral Service for the late Reginald Poitier, aged 99 years, of York Avenue, Gleniston Gardens, will be held on Friday September 6th 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Our Lady’s Roman Catholic Church, Deveaux Street. Pre- Service will be held at 10:30 a.m.

Reginald Poitier

Aged 99 years

Funeral Service for the late Reginald Poitier, aged 99 years, of York Avenue, Gleniston Gardens, will be held on Friday September 6th 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Our Lady’s Roman Catholic Church, Deveaux Street. Pre- Service will be held at 10:30 a.m. Officiating will be Monsignor John Johnson and Fr. Johnathan Duka assisted by Rev. Deacon Maxwell Johnson. Interment will follow in the Western Cemetery, Nassau Street.

Left to cherish his fond memories are his Daughters: Stephanie and Vanesta Poitier; Sons: Eugene Cooper, Hartman, Patrick (Merlean) and Bruno (Lee) Poitier; Grand Children: Anneliese Peta and Basil Miller Jr., Arpege Monet Poitier, Kijana and Jali (Zoie) Thompson, Kyle (Danielle) Alston; George-Rocky (Nikki) and Gamaal Robinson; Kaijanna (Torez) Pinder, Kalif ( Jacqueline) Poitier, Philip Jr. (Denise) Poitier, Tamar (Kimberly) Poitier, Asha, Imani, Ameera and Lavaughn Poitier; Kim (Hadith) Welcome, Dr. Marcus (Kathleen) Cooper, Tara (Peron) Burnside; Nikita, Juan (Charnette), Jamaal, Ricardo and Jared Thompson; Shantel Ferguson; Charmaine Ferguson, Kelcine (Greg) Evans and Keli (Tamika) Smith; Steven and Sean Poitier; Great Grand Children: Nia Burley, Khamaria, Ebony and Ayanna Johnson; Ife Clarke; Zara Thompson, Jasmine (Isaac Sr.), Khayla, Kyla and Dishon Alston; Kiyanna and Aniah Robinson, Nathan, Sydney and Jayna Wells, Tamarion Poitier, Kaiadjah, Leviticus and Kalif Poitier Jr; Zaire, Zion and Zeden Poitier, Asia, Milan and Paris Welcome, Mia and Akim Cooper, Ethan and Alana Burnside, Basil MillerIII, Ajee and Andria Miller; Demetrius, Brandon and Kevinika, Chartom and Stanicia Ferguson; Kasee and Trent Evans; Kelecia and Jay Smith; Great Great grand Children: Antonella, Amiyah, Basil IV and Brent Miller, Kelani, Gianni and Brielle Johnson, Isaac Jr. and Illyssa Alston; Brother: Sir Sidney Poitier; Sisters- in – law: Joanna and Juanita Poitier; Daughters – in- law: Cynthia Poitier and Nathalie Miller; Nieces and nephews: Meryl, Duane, Evette and Elsworth Evans; Jeffery and Ellie Poitier, Kendra and Denise Poitier, Wenzel and Euphemia Poitier, Drumeco and Chakita, Katia and Dillan Archer, Kenji and Jamal Chae, Khassidy, Khamron, Kaylin Laing, Kimanthi and Ramon Bonaby, Karen, Leonardo and Dashinka Johnson, Ladasha and Garfield Burrows, Lashano Johnson; Lauralene, Larry, Cedric and Rose Poitier, Ruth Ferguson, Franz Jr and Christine Smith, Eugene(Fat Man) Poitier and family; Rachel Strachan, Willamae and Reuben Stuart, Bernadette and Nelson Saunders, Pamela and Cyril Johnson, Paris Kezziah Taylor, Regina, Immaculata, Myra, Frederica, Christopher and Paul Hamilton and their families; Julia, Wayman, Stanley (Denny) and Pamela Burnside and families; Sybil Johnson, Angela Bain, Nita Francis, Junior, Charles and Robert Pratt and families, family of the late Theophilus Fritz, Michael, Margo and Vincent Wring and families; Mae and Cleta Poitier and families, Paulette Newton and family of the late Retis Poitier. Delcine McDonald and family; Jennifer Brice and family. Ethan and William (Billy), Doretha, Rosie, Lori Davis, Lisa Brown, Gwendalyn and Brendalyn, Beverly and Emory, Bernard, Carol, Cyril Jr., Julie, Debbie, and their families, Marie and Lashawn Poitier and families, Beverly Poitier- Henderson, Sherry, Pamela, Anika and Sydney Poitier; Carolyn Brooks, Shirley Smith, Harvey, Robert, Michael, Stephen, Gregory, Joseph and Douglas Stroman and their families, family of the late Harcort Poitier and family of the late Cecil and Glandina King Boyd; Special Friends and their Families: Joost Heetman and family, Vernice Campbell (Nicey), Madge Poitier, Shelly Munnings, Delores Nottage and family, Carnetta Clarke and family, Mama Jane; Eugene and Beverly Nairn and family; Aleila and Nathaniel Adderley and family; Andray Charlow and family; Charles Major Jr and family; Arlene Wilson and family; Edward (Shark) Deveaux and family, Antoine Thompson and family, Marco and Marvin Strachan, Bradley Higgs, Elsworth Poitier; Anthony “Skeebo” Roberts and family, Bill Wallace, Kendall and Donna Campbell and family, Samuel and Elsa Wallace and family, Carol Bethel and family, Barbara Hudson and Nakia, Floretta Williams and Linda Smith and family, Janet McDonald and family, Cleo Williams and family, Clifford Moss, Bernadette Moss and family, George Sands, Marquette Collie, Michael Turner and family; family of the late Christopher and Sally Francis, Howard Bethel and family, Fernly Palmer and family, Roslyn Rolle and family, Eloise Archer and family, Lucillle Thompson and family, Jasseth and Delion Donaldson, Charmaine Locke and family, Anthony and Janine Roberts and family, Reverend Brown and family. Our Lady’s Church community, Cat Island community and a host of family members and friends to numerous to mention.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

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