Deacon Vitzel H. Cooper

A Private Graveside Service for Deacon Vitzel H. Cooper, aged 87, of Zion Blvd, will be held on Friday, July 31st, 2020 at Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleums, John F. Kennedy Drive. Officiating will be Bishop Christopher Minnis.
Vitzel H Cooper

Deacon Vitzel H. Cooper

Jan, 21, 1970 - Jan, 01, 2020

A Private Graveside Service for Deacon Vitzel H. Cooper, aged 87, of Zion Blvd, will be held on Friday, July 31st, 2020 at Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleums, John F. Kennedy Drive. Officiating will be Bishop Christopher Minnis. 

In compliance with current Government and Health regulations, attendance will be limited to Four (4) family members and One (1) officiant.

He was predeceased by his Wife: Ruth Arnette Cooper.

Left with fond and loving memories are his Children: Captain Gary & Marie, Brian & Paula, Michael & Sharon, Vincent & Melvern, Sandra & Captain Rudy Mckenzie, Sharon, Joan and Lithera Cooper, Valerie Storr, Kayla & Renaldo Culmer; Grandchildren: Jamaal, Captain Jerrad & Xenia, Captain Javano & Shandera, LaVonia & Leon Burrows, Rashad, Rashawn, Khadijah, Reynard, DeVante, Bianca, Breanne, Candia, Cornell, Abrai, Atori, Alexis, Timothy & Cynthia, Monique & Aaron, Sharene, Captain Jevon & Rashanda; 20 Great Grand Children; Sisters: Patsy Lyles & Jane Knowles; Brother-in-law: Garth Johnson; Sisters-in-law: Evelyn Cooper, Michael Cooper, Delores Cooper, Maria King; Numerous Nephews and Nieces: Kingsley Rahming, Derek, Monty, Shaun (Terryann) and Melita Barr, Marsha Knowles, Bradley Smith, Deaconess Patricia Moxey, Mary Thompson, Theresa Smith, Rudolph (Mary) Cooper, Archdeacon Kingsley (Sandra) Knowles, Harcourt (Angella), Charles and Kelvin Cooper,  Maureen Cooper, Astrid (Lynden) Tinker, Jacqueline Hutchinson, Linda (Vernal) Collie, Judith and Patricia Cooper Gillian (Morris) Jones, Juanita Johnson, Deborah Bethel, Theresa Antoino, Tony (Beverley), Ricky (Glenda), Larvene Lyles, Jannice (Tyrone) Brown, Dr. Sandy (Connie) Cooper, Ingrid (Gordon) Musgrove, Regieta (Marvin Sr.) Minns, Gilda (Kemier) Cooper, Tamita (Valverde) Butler, Lana, Minister Don (Marsha), Melanie, Minister Ricardo (Robin), Catherine King, Sidney, Larry, Craigston, Bert, Frank, Durie, Carol, Linda, Cynthia Smith; Adopted Children: Hilda Basden, Betty Butler, Trudy Ramburun, Elder Albert & Lisa Fearon; Godchildren: Fr. Rudolph Cooper, Edwardo Johnson, Alfred McBride, Tina Butler; Family & Friends: Manita (Neville) Wisdom, Margurite Gilbert, Ventris (Samuel) Taylor, Udell and Evelyn Roberts, Dorey (Wilfred) Horton, Rudolph (Veronica) Cooper, Fletcher Cooper, Zelma Worrell, The Cooper, Williams and Roberts Families of West End, High Rock and Sweeting’s Cay, Elder Linford Williams, Ann Rolle, Patricia Davis, Malketa Smith, Gerry Brown & Family, Pastor Michael Hinsey & Family, The McKenzie Family, The Stuart Family, Franklyn & Michelle Smith, Meryl Cooper, Randy Smith, Clarice Wildgoose & Family, The Huyler & Crawley Family, Edwin & Mel Thompson, Francita Hall, Val Wallace, Barbara Pinder, Movina McKenzie, Maguerite Bowe, Vanessa McCoy, Mildred Anderson, Mother Gloria Dawkins, Sister Shirley Rolle & Family, Norma Dawkins & Family, Gerald Rolle, Charles & Debbie Munnings, The Kemp Family, Katherine Cooper, Rebecca Munnings, Carew Street Family, Kelphene Cunningham, Sandilands Rehabilitation, Bank of the Bahamas and Loan Administration Department, The Post Office, Meteorology Dept., Staff of Harbourside, Simpson Penn Centre and Scotia Bank;  Clergy/Churches: Diocesan Bishop Ellis & Mother Daisy Farrington, Bishop Christopher & Melony Minnis and the Greater Bethel Cathedral Family, Elder Anthony & Ester Mitchell, Bishop David & Geisha Braynen and the Christ Temple Apostolic Ministries Family, Suffragan Bishop Ezekiel & Paulette Munnings and God’s Temple of Praise Family, Suffragan Bishop George & Betty Duncombe and the Little Jerusalem Apostolic Church Family, Apostle David & Fanchon Braynen, District Elder David & Ivy Higgins and the Faith Apostolic Church Family, Pastor Samuel McIntosh, The entire P.A.W. Churches, Apostle Benjamin and Minister Schevon Smith and the Embassy International Family; Special thanks to: Dr. Martin Brown and Greater Bethel Men’s Fellowship.

Thanks to all who visited, called and prayed, our apologies for anyone we might have failed to mention.

May his soul rest in peace and Rise in Glory!

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau Street on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

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Bethel Brothers Morticians

Bethel Brothers Morticians

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